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Hello By My Side Friends:


I hope this email finds you well and you are enjoying the great outdoors! Our class has come to an end for this year! We have enjoyed getting to know everyone, and only wish that we had more time for everyone to get to know each other better. We will see a lot of you in the Fall in our Preschool, and others with young children will be returning to our Fall Class of By My Side. If you have any questions about this class or our Preschool, you can contact Susan Swanson in our Admissions Office. Her email is susan.swanson@goshenfriends.org.


Here's a video of me reading our last book together titled Clifford's Happy Mother/s Day. I hope you and your children will enjoy it.


It is very cute. I have also enclosed two pictures of a craft which Daddy can help your child make for Mother's Day.




Here is what you will need in order to make it:


* Brown lunch bag (cute bottom and top off to look like a card);

* Three different paper baking cup holders for cupcakes (cut each a bit smaller);

* Two buttons; 

* Glue; and

* Markers or crayons.


Happy Mother's Day to you all! Enjoy! We were very disappointed that the class ended so abruptly and we did not have a chance to be together longer, but you are all such sweet families and we cannot wait to see you again in the Fall! Take care and have a great Summer with your children! 


In Friendship,


Tr. Carolyn and Tr. Patrice  

Hello Friends:


Here is a video of me reading two books to the kids. One is about Bumblebee Counting and the other is Caterpillar's Wish.


Speaking of bugs, here is a picture of a bumblebee craft to make with your child!




If you would like to have them make this, you will need the following:


* 8 1/2x11 paper for background;

* A yellow round circle;

* Three black stripes;

* Four white wings;

* Two white round and small black circles for eyes;

* Two small pipe cleaners cut for antennas or you could just make them out of black paper if you do not have pipe cleaners.


Enjoy the weekend as the weather will be a bit warmer. Next week will be the last week of By My Side virtual class! Hoping to see many of my friends enrolled in our Fall classes at Goshen Friends School! 


In Friendship,


Tr. Carolyn 


Hello By My Side Friends:


Happy Earth Day to you all!! I hope you have signed up to pick up your Homeschool Bags scheduled for today and tomorrow. The school sent out an email last week concerning the sign up and procedure for this. Hope you are able to drive by for the pick up.


Today is Earth Day. I hope you and your child can get outside on this day and do a little sightseeing and to talk about one thing they can do to help our Earth. It is important that they know that some of the everyday things they do can help, such as turning off the water when they brush their teeth, turning off the lights when they exit the room, and recycling cardboard cereal and snack boxes, etc. 


The trees are blooming so beautiful right now. I have enclosed a craft that the kids enjoy making. It is a picture of a forsythia branch. Just draw the branches brown and have them scrunch pieces of yellow tissue paper and glue it on. I have also enclosed an Earth Day craft that you can help your child make at home just by reusing any recycled cereal and snack boxes. Enjoy your day and remember to get outside!!


In Friendship,


Tr. Carolyn


Here's a classic story I hope you'll enjoy!

Hello By My Side Families:


We have missed our weekly class and seeing you all and your little ones. We are reaching out to see how you are all doing during these difficult times. Hope you are getting out with your children and enjoying the fresh air whether it's playing in your yards or going for a walk.


We will be doing distance learning with our class each week until the week of May 3rd, and I will be emailing you on a weekly basis. Here are some fun ideas to do with your kids at home this week:


Coloring - with either crayons or markers - let them be creative!

Playdough - all kids love the squishy feel. Attached below is a recipe you can make at home.

Painting - out on the deck/porch and let the kids enjoy!

Sidewalk chalk - introduce hopscotch - they will love jumping!


Here are a few pictures of a spring butterfly craft that can be done at home.


What you will need to make the butterfly: white paper, paint (any colors you have), q-tips, pipe cleaners, hole puncher and scissors.


Cut shape of butterfly; fold paper in half; open paper; only q-tip paint on one side; fold back in half and press together; this will transfer to the other side and you will have a mirror picture; place pipe cleaner through holes and there you have your beautiful butterfly.

2 2


Please let me know if you have any questions. Until next week, I wish you all peace!


In Friendship,


Tr. Carolyn