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Hello Bee Families,

Here we are! The last week of school! I can picture that first week like it was yesterday. Your kiddos came in full of energy and ready to get to know me, Donna and each other!  I think it went pretty well (except for the pandemic part...)! We've easily come to love your children and they became such a tight group of friends, always ready to help and take care of one another. It has truly been a joy to watch them grow. 


Listen to me read a special book about all the wonderful things I wish for you -


Let's squeeze in some sweet summer fun this last week of school! 


Listen to this fun book about a crocodile who loves watermelon - The Watermelon Seed 


* Did that make you hungry for watermelon?! How about some watermelon ice pops! Yes please! Check out how to make them here  Watermelon popsicles


Here I am reading a book about a lemonade stand - Lemonade Stand



* Make a lemon tasting chart. You can do it with everyone in your house :) 

Make a chart to graph who likes the taste of plain lemons and who likes lemons dipped in sugar. Maybe some people like both! Make predictions then get counting! Oh! And snap a picture of the taster at the moment they try the lemon. Makes for some funny pictures :) and helps lead to conversations that explore our sense of taste! Talk about sweet, sour, bitter etc. 


* Did you ever make your own lemonade? Here is a recipe to try :) 

simple lemonade recipe


* Check out the attached directions for how to make lemonade ice cubes! Put the ice cubes in all sorts of beverages :) Experiment with how they change the flavor of what you are drinking. 


* Watch me show you how to make a "glass of lemonade" with paint and lemons! Lemonade art


Here is another sweet summer time treat to try! 

* Learn how to make ice cream in a bag then check out the attached observation sheet to go along with the wonder of making your own ice cream! 


Keep working on writing our letters! Here are the ones up next:



Fundations has us practice h & K  letters together




Do you want to keep playing (learning!) even when school is over for the summer?! 


* Here is Teacher Donna's lovely Meeting For Worship about spending time in nature Meeting For Worship


* Did you know Chester County Library is holding virtual events like story time and nature classes?! You can register for an event then they will send you a Zoom invitation. 

They also have offerings for adults :) 

Here is a link to their calendar of events

 CCL events calendar


* Check this out for lots of Homemade games to keep busy and learning all summer! Homemade games for kids

       Kaboom is a well received homemade game we have in our classroom. Here am I showing you how to make & play it, Alphabet Kaboom


* This site is full of fabulously messy learning and sensory experience easily done at home! This one is bookmark worthy :)  

 At Home Messy Play Ideas


* Here is a great activity for exploring the alphabet letters. So many good things are happening with this activity but in particular a connection with the lines and curves of each letter as they continue to practice writing. 

letter sorting activity


* I am including the remaining letters in the order Fundations asks us to practice them so you can finish off learning to write all the lowercase letters!  







Fundations moves to practicing four uppercase letters a week vs. the two lowercase that we've been doing. 


* Here I am going through the alphabet letters and sounds the Fundations way -  Fundation Alphabet Review




* Check out all the fun Ocean, beach and Ocean animal activities our teachers have been up to on the GFS YouTube channel! 


I am so excited that we will be able to see you all on Monday 6/8 at 10:00am during the drive through Farewell School Year/Hello Summer parade!! So glad we can do this :) 


Hope to wave to you on the 8th!

Be Well,

Tr. Coleen 


Hi Bee Families, Happy Tuesday! 


While I'm sure it looked different than it usually does, hope you all enjoyed your long Memorial Day weekend! Can you believe we are heading into June already?! 


I think Monsters are Magnificent :) Let's enjoy how fun they can be! Here are a few Monsteriffic ideas and books! 


Listen to me read  a favorite book of mine about feelings. In the classroom I may read this a few times throughout the year as a catalyst to talk about feelings. Kiddos can easily relate to and make connections to the fun character and the color it is per feeling. The connections stick. So if your child is not able to verbalize that they are sad you can ask them if they are blue like Color Monster. Or be able to validate a feeling, "you seem angry, like red Color Monster. I'll give you a minute to calm down".  During a time of upset or as an ice breaker after you have given your child a minute you can ask "can I help you find your calm green?"  

Bonus, It's a pop-up book!


Here I am reading, Go Away Big Green Monster:


Listen for rhyming words in this one! Monsters Love Underpants


FIne Motor:

* I have attached Fundations lined paper again for writing practice


* Practice writing the letter letter p the Fundations way


* Practice writing letter j after you have worked on letter p for two days


* coloring pages, cutting & tracing! Keep working on your scissor skills and pencil grasps. Don't forget to keep practicing writing your name!


* Monster writing! Fun way to color with a cup & attached markers! 


* journaling! Here is a question, Can you think of another feeling that you feel sometimes? What color is that feeling? When do you feel that way? 


Gross Motor:

* Monster stomp with bubble wrap attached to your feet!  Do you have bubble wrap leftover from packages that have arrived at your door? Wrap some around those little feet, attach with tape on the top and let the monster stomp begin! Check out our Monster music below and maybe dance it out with the bubble wrapped monster feet! SO fun :) 



* Cut out the numbers and put them in order on the attached monster math sheet!


* Look for the attached monster coin toss! The directions say to use pennies but use whatever you want! Maybe cereal or M&Ms! Count & keep score :) 



* Get your Monster Moves on! Follow the directions to learn The Monster Shuffle 


* We do this one in the classroom! So fun! They usually don't see video, we just listen so it'll be fun for your kiddo to see the little hairy monsters dancing :)  Freeze Dance!


Sensory Exploration:

* Check out this Monster Slime how to! 


* Make this fun Apple Monster Snack together! 



* Make the monster from the book, Go Away Big Green Monster!


* Paint the Color Monster attachment with water colors. How do you feel? Paint him that color! Maybe you feel a few feelings all at once. Paint him more than one color!


Online Adventures

Here are some alphabet games with a monster theme:


Monster alphabet game


Monster letter match


Enjoy fun with Magnificent Monsters this week! 

Be Well,

Tr. Coleen 



Good Morning Bumblebee Families,


What a beautiful weekend we had! It's getting harder to stay put, but we got this! 


Maybe you can make your home a bit of a staycation destination by creating little getaway spots...make a fort in the backyard or even in the living room! Move some furniture, get those extra sets of sheets and/or table clothes out! Do you have a tent already?! Oh! What a wonderful dramatic play area that would be?! Or a cozy reading nook!  Do you have one of those little plastic swimming pools? FIll it with blankets & pillows and check out the stars one clear evening while laying in it! Google things to do with those kiddie pools. So many more things to do with them besides water :) Ask questions & make predictions as you get your kiddos in on the creation of fun spaces. You'll be building their planning, problem solving and so many more skills through the process! 


Here I am going through the alphabet Fundations style. This will be a nice review to pop back in on occasionally to keep the letters and sounds fresh. 



Let's snuggle up with Teddy Bears this week!  


One of my very favorite Teddy Bear books! A sweet story of love for our Teddy Bears but also kindness and compassion for others. Check out this reading of it on YouTube, 

The Teddy Bear read-aloud


A classic Teddy Bear story read by Tr. Donna! 


Fine Motor:

* In the classroom we do lots of table top work but we also often incorporate activities at the easel Read why it is important for children to work on vertical surfaces. 

 vertical surfaces & handwriting


* Practice writing letters. Work on letter e for two days then move to letter r



* cut out the attached baby bear paw prints. Keep reading to find out why!


* cutting, coloring and tracing practice on the attached sheets : ) 


* print out the plain teddy bear and slip it in a plastic page protector. Use playdough to make a face for the bear :) Get creative! What else can you make for the Teddy Bear with playdough? Maybe buttons, how about a bumblebee flying by?! 


* Journaling - find the attached page that helps us learn about your Teddy Bear! Bring it to Zoom on Thursday to share :) 



Gross Motor:

* Make binoculars and go on a bear hunt! Big people, maybe you can hide some stuffed animals and a Teddy prior to going on the bear hunt! 


* Yogi friends will enjoy this way to get moving :)  Yoga Teddy Bear


* Here is a whole Teddy Bear yoga session! Yoga brought to you by a Teddy Bear 




* Do you have a few Teddy Bears at home (or any stuffed animals) ?

Gather all the bears you can find! Now, see if you can put them in order by size, biggest to smallest or smallest to biggest! 

Group your Teddys by color, shape, type of fur or any which way you can think of! While doing all this sorting, get in some vocabulary work :) Ordinal & directional words! 

For example: 1st, 2nd, 3rd - over, under, next to - smallest, smaller -  first, next, middle, last etc.


* Measure your bears! You do not always have to use a ruler to measure. measure with the baby bear paw prints! Print, cut out the paws and get counting! Measure yourself! How many baby bear paws tall are you?! You may have to print out more than one page of paws for all this measuring to work! 


*Can you get gummy bears?! They are a super fun manipulative to use for sorting, counting, graphing, adding and my favorite part, eating!  I mean, subtracting... 

Attached are some gummy bear activity sheets to get you started.




Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Turn Around Listen and do what the song tells you :) 


* Take a listen to the Teddy Bear picnic song, This version has the words highlighted as the song plays. Teddy Bear Picnic song 


* Here is a classic version, Bing Crosby's Teddy Bear Picnic



Sensory Exploration:

* Oats & cinnamon bin :) Dump a big container of rolled oats in a bin deep enough for play, sprinkle in some cinnamon or apple pie spices! Now add various size spoons & scoops, little cups,measuring cups, funnels, and whatever else you can think of! If you have magnetic letters/numbers bury those in the bin too! Hunt for the letters in your name :) Pull out three letters, what does it spell? Even if it's a nonsense word help your kiddo "sound" it out.  Let the wonderful smelling sensory shenanigans begin!




* You'll need these if you go on a bear hunt! 

Bonus! You can use the binoculars for a nature scavenger hunt too! Keep watching her video :) 


* Another fabulous smelling activity :) I will show you how to make a  Cinnamon paper plate Teddy Bear



* Watch me make a Teddy Bear snack sack: 


This is perfect to bring on a Teddy Bear Picnic :) It can hold a snack fit for a Teddy Bear like, gummy bears, honey nut cheerios, dried fruit, cinnamon crisp cereal, blueberries and teddy graham cookies or graham crackers! 


* Check out this bear snack to make Teddy Bear Toast


Enjoy Teddy Bear Fun! Let me know if you have any questions.

Be Well,

Tr. Coleen 


Happy Monday Bee Families!

 Thanks again for all the appreciation you showed Donna and I, we appreciated the appreciation! 

I hope all the Moms felt appreciated and enjoyed their day yesterday :) I was very happy the sun made an appearance! 


I have some things for you to try this week. Let's stomp on over to some Dinosaur fun!


Listen for rhyming words in these first two books. 

* Click here to hear a silly story about how much dinosaurs love underpants!


* This one tells us about different kinds of dinosaurs:


* Here is one that is often out in our classroom. Dinosaurs


FIne Motor:

* Practice writing these two letters this week. Practice d for two days before moving to s.


* attached is an emergent reader book to print out. It has an option to print in black and white - the dinos will need to be colored :) 


* Dinosaurs Love Underpants! Design some dino underpants with the attached coloring page!


* Print and cut out the Dino Rhyming cards. Now mix them up and try to find the rhymes that fit together! 


* Tracing numbers on the attached dino number page


* Make some snacks! --> Dinosaur snack recipes  LIke most of our activities, this is a two for one as it will also give an opportunity to work on some math concepts while following a recipe :) 


* Work with salt dough. Make a dinosaur fossil! Here is how to make the dough, Dinosaur fossil salt dough


* Trace and cut out a stegosaurus for your handprint dinosaur art project!


* Journaling - Here is a question; If you lived with the dinosaurs which one would you like to be your friend? Why? You draw the picture and big people write down what they tell you about it! 



Gross Motor:

* Check out this website for an awesome idea! She calls it a monster footprint hop but for our purposes this week let's call them dinosaur prints for a  Dinosaur print hop


* Use the attached dinosaur feet to have fun stomping with big wide steps like a dinosaur!


* Build a dinosaur bone display using empty tp & paper towel rolls. Make it big! Move around to get the "bones" in just the right place! take a look at this for an example, 

Dinosaur bone display out of empty paper tubes


* Dino egg hunt with plastic easter eggs filled with mini dinosaur toys. Hide them up, down, over and under! 




* color by number


* Check out this dinosaur measurement activity! I do this in the classroom, always a hit :) dinosaur footprint measuring activity


* Try these super simple fun fizzy dino eggs-->


* Check out 10 little dinosaurs fun here, 

10 Little Dinosaur babies

10 Little Dinosaurs





We are The Dinosaurs and oldie but goodie by Laurie Berkner


Dinosaurs A -Z dancing   groove to the beat while you listen about dinosaurs 



Sensory Exploration:

* Dinosaur sand for a dinosaur habitat or a Dinosaur archaeological dig site! Hide little dinosaurs and add shovels to dig them out. Use paint brushes to brush away the sand.

Use this sticky sand recipe for your Dino sand sensory bin: 

The sand is not really sticky but it does mold and hold really well. You could add more oil if you want it stickier :) 


* As long as you're getting sand out try this recipe for Kinetic Sand:

    2 cups sand

   1/2 bottle of shaving cream (or until moist)

   1 box of baking soda


* This sensory experience is wonderful! Check it out here,Dinosaur Slime 




* Q-tip dino bones! Check out how, Q-tip Dino bones: 

You could also do this with dry pasta. Different size and shaped pasta makes it interesting :) 


* Try this handprint dinosaur. Name it after yourself! Handprint You-asaurus



Online Adventures:

* Click here for an interesting, Preschool Dinosaur Video


* Join Moby & Annie as they talk about fossils,  BrainPop Jr. clip about fossils 

username: GoshenFriends

Passwrd: GoshenFriends2020


* Thank you PBS Kids for a fun game to play while learning about fossils, PBS Kids fossil dig game


* This one is good for the whole family --> Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History virtual-tour


Have fun exploring dinosaurs :) Let me know if you have any questions. 


Be Well,

Tr. Coleen 


As always, it was SO nice to see those smiles today!


You guys really made Teacher Donna and I feel appreciated with those Thank You pictures you made! What a sweet surprise :) Thank you for working so hard on them! XO


Here is Teacher Donna reading the book We're Very Good Friends, My Mother and I":



And here we are!




Sending our love to all the Moms!


Be Well,

Tr. Coleen & Tr, Donna




Happy Monday Bumblebee Families :) 


I hope you got to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we had this weekend. What a treat!  

I thought I was always aware of things to be grateful for but now I find myself acutely aware. Gratitude and grace abounds.  I hope that in the middle of all this you are able to have those moments also. 


Let's take off into a space theme this week! 


Click here for a story called Me and My Place In Space Read aloud


Fine Motor:

* coloring pages

* practice writing your name

* work on writing letters a & g this week


* play in a space themed sensory bin. scoop, pinch, dig :) 

* play with moon dough! 

* Are you trying to tie your shoes? This takes A LOT of practice and time to learn, but keep trying!

* Mother's Day is Sunday, color your Mom a picture :) Let her know why you love her! What does she do for you that you are thankful for? How does she make you happy?


Gross Motor:

* Do you have any boxes leftover from deliveries? Use them to make a rocket! You can stack them, paint them if you want! Maybe your grown up can help you cut out a door so you can get into the cabin of your rocket! Pretend you are going to blast off to the moon! Get out of your rocket and go on a moonwalk! Remember, walking on the moon is very different from walking on Earth! 

Here are the directions If you decide to go to the moon. Get yourself in a cozy litening spot for this one, it's a little long but full of moon traveling tips!

 If You Decide To Go To The Moon read aloud on YouTube




* Check out this website that will show you how to make a rocket launch with a straw! ---> Straw Rockets The rocket template is attached :) 

* You can also try to make a rocket blast off using a balloon! Check me out trying it!


These experiences open the door for chatting a bit about the concept that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In this case, the force of the air moving out of the straw or balloon causes the rocket/balloon to move forward - thrust. I know some curious friends who will love learning about this!


* Can you see the moon each night? What does it look like? Does it change how it looks? Keep track of what you see with the attached moon observation sheet! Make multiple copies and observe it all month!


* It's a new month! Keep track of the days, count to find out what the date is. Sing the days of the week song to help you remember what day today is, what was yesterday and what will tomorrow be? Attached is a fun activity calendar for the month of May :)




Click here for a Space Song 

Here is a planet song Planets



Sensory Exploration:

* Get creative with a space-y sensory bin! 

Here is one that I made

* Make Moon Dough! The recipe is attached below. This one calls for flour, next week you will see me try it with sand :) 




* Make the moon! Learn how here -> 


* Now, let's make a planet!


* Put it all together, but first- make a rocket!


Online Adventures:

*Click here for a Space shuttle video


*Brain Pop Jr. video clips - Some friends will take off with these clips :) Others not so much...Skip it if you are on the not so well received side. 


User name: GoshenFriends

Password: GoshenFriends2020


Brain Pop Jr.'s Solar System

Brain Pop Jr.'s Earth

Brain Pop Jr.'s The Moon



Click here if you haven't seen our slideshow yet Home Happenings with The Bees


Here is the 5 green and speckled frogs fun we did on Zoom last week  5 Green and Speckled Frogs


Tr. Donna has a wonderful new meeting for worship for us! Meeting for worship, it's ok to make mistakes.



Be Well!

Tr. Coleen 



Hi Families,


You've all been sharing pictures, so let's see what the Bees have been up to at home!



And don't forget to subscribe to our Goshen Friends School YouTube channel! So many cool things going on and you get to see teachers we love! 



No worries if you could not make our Zoom time on Thursday for any reason! We hope to do a Zoom meeting with everyone each Thursday at 10:00am. We have a few more weeks to see each other when it works for you!

Today we sang 5 green and speckled frogs. I'll get you a link for that on Monday's letter :) 


Here we are from our Zoom fun today! 




Check out what my bean seeds, sweet potato & avocado pit are doing. Remember, it takes time for them to grow! The avocado pit takes a REALLY long time. 





We also have fabulous spinach crops going at school. We are able to get it to the Chester County Food Bank! Thank you Tr. Donna for helping to harvest it and get it to the Food Bank!


Have a good weekend!

Be Well,

Tr. Coleen 




Happy Monday Families!


Hope all is well with you. Can you believe this is the final week of April?! 


In an effort to be more efficient with my communication with you I am going to try to pack as much as I have ready in one email. I hope this helps simplify things a bit in that you will be able to find everything in one place as it suits your schedules throughout the week. 


Let's dive into ponds this week! 

Here are a few things to get you thinking about pond life :) 


Click here to hear me read 





FIne Motor:

* Practice writing this letter first for two days, Fundations letter c


* then move to this letter - writing letter o


* Cutting with scissors. When the opportunity arises to cut let your kiddo cut on their own. Rember process over product! Cut out 5 speckled frogs & A log!

* Journaling - did you start your plant journal? Or here is a journal question; What is your favorite pond animal? Or really, let them "write" about anything they are feeling like sharing in the moment! Start with the picture and you take dictation :) 

* Coloring pages

* You'll find a pond themed sensory bin idea below. They will have an opportunity to work their little muscles as they play in that. 

* Do you have the game Mr. Mouth? 


Gross Motor:

* LeapFrog! 

* Lily pad hop - draw lily pads outside with sidewalk chalk and get hopping! Turn it into an alphabet or number recognition game by writing letters and/or numbers on the lily pads :) Say the letter & sound in the letter you tell them to hop to! Hop in numerical order 1 -10 then down again! Musical lily pads! Get creative :) 

* Go on a Pond Walk! Do you know of a place nearby that has a pond? 



* Explore animals & plants of a pond! 

* Counting 5 green speckled frogs & 10 timid turtles!

* Printable,how many are there? 

* Patterns printable

* Check this out; song about the life cycle of a frog

 * Click here for a version of 5 green and speckled frogs counting

 * Watch Tr. Kim as she tells us chickens are not the only animals that lay eggs!

 * Check out Tr. Jill's ideas on how you can work on math concepts at home --> math activities



5 Green and Speckled Frogs song

* Click here for a poem about a snapping turtle! There was a little turtle

* This one is just fun! Dance & Freeze use your listening skills to follow the directions :) 


Sensory Exploration:

Check out this sensory bin idea --> pond sensory bin



Make a Frog! If you want you can make 5 of them and pretend they are sitting on a log :) Click here to see how - speckled frog

Every frog needs a lily pad. Here is a cool way to paint a green one -->  lily pad 

Easy peasy fun turtle craft, click here Potato masher stamp turtle


Have fun learning about pond life! Let me know if you have any questions.


Be Well,

Tr. Coleen


Hi All,
Just popping in with a few things -
If you haven't already, send me a picture or two of what your kiddo has been up to. It can be them doing something or just them sharing a big smile :) I would like to put a slideshow together for them to see each other.
If you are going to work on starting the bean seeds, if you've put a potato cutting or avocado seed in water or for any other planting project you may have in the works; you can use the attached journal to keep track of the progress :) 
Here are what my bean seeds are doing so far. The coating of the seed got soft and a little bitty part of the root started to peek out on two of the seeds! That took about a week. 
Do you like Earth Day books?! 


Hi Bee Families,


Happy Earth Day!


Here is a an Earth Day book that you can listen to me read:


Try making the Earth like this:


Now add your hands holding the Earth! Maybe listen to this song while you are working, it's one of my very favorites :) Jack Johnson - My Own Two Hands  


Chat with your child about how they can do their part. We talk in class often about how even though they are little they can do big things!!  You can change the world with your own two little hands! 


Attached you will find an emergent reader book you can put together. Read about helping our Earth, don't forget to add how you can help and color the pages :) 


Here is a different way to play in the mud! Give it a try :) 


1 cup cornstarch

3 tablespoons cocoa powder

1/2 cup water 

awesome rubbery worms are from the fishing section of a sporting goods store :) 

add more water and/or cornstarch to get it the consistency you want 


Practice writing the letter u! Here are the directions:


Be Well,

Tr. Coleen 



Good Morning Families,


Hope you got in a few walks and rounds of play outside this weekend! I think we're in for more rain...bring on the May flowers! 


Are you in a routine? I know it's crazy town in a lot of our homes but you've probably got a good idea of what is working and what is not by now. Piece together the times that have been working and make them part of your daily routine. Consistency helps little people (and big people too!). 


This week let's take a closer look at plants & seeds. It is almost Earth Day! 


Here is a book that we can look at to hear more about seeds and plants:


Check out Teacher Donna's Zinnia seeds that grew into big, tall plants from teeny tiny seeds!

You will see one of her daughters standing next to those colorful plants in her garden :) 


Writing Readiness/FIne Motor:

* continue to practice cutting with scissors

* coloring

* trace! trace over straight lines, bumpy lines, pointy lines - get their eyes and fingers working together to keep the pencil on top of the lines. 

* Let you kiddo open the little pouches their snacks come in. Let them peel open their own oranges. Give them time to button/snap their own clothing & jackets. 

* hang a "clothes line" and give your child some clothes pins.They will work hard to pinch them open :)  Let them hang their art on the line! Maybe use it to display/tidy up small stuffed toys!

* make a name garden! Writing the letters in your name & cutting out flowers to plant

* Write the letter l. Check out my directions Fundations style! ->

* journaling - How can you help take care of the Earth?! 


Gross Motor

* Use your big muscles to do tree rubbings

* go on a plant walk :)  Walk the neighborhood and see how many plants you can find that are just sprouting, starting to grow or that are in full bloom! 

* help take care of the recycling at your house! Help sort (if your township still seperates paper & plastic) Help take the bin to the curb when it's time!



* We will grow our own bean seeds! If you are coming to pick up a bag from school you will find a baggie with a few bean seeds and direction on how to get them started. I hope the sun comes out to help them sprout!! If you can't make it to school no worries. I ordered the beans seeds from Amazon but you can also usually find them in the garden sections of stores



* When you make the coffee filter flowers (you'll see the directions for those below) talk about concepts of saturation & absorption. This activity may also allow for some color mixing! Watch what happens if the colors overlap :) 

* Earth day math activities attached





* We recycle song - attached :) 

Plant a Flower , Plant a Tree Song

It's EARTH Day

Earth Day version of We've Got The Whole World In Our Hands




* An Earth Day project is in the bag we have going home to you all. Again, no worries if you are not coming in for the bag. It is a recycled flower. The idea is to use things from the recycle bin to make a flower. Something like this, but get creative and use all sorts of things to make your flower! 



* Check out these pretty flowers you can make -> Coffee Filter Flowers


Sensory Exploration:

* Did you get to try to play in mud last week? If that didn't work out I have a way you can play in "mud" in a bin indoors or out :) Look for that coming later this week!

* Try to do tree rubbings. Take some paper and things like crayons, pencils and markers outside with you. Put the paper on the bark of different trees and rub with the crayon! The texture will show through on the paper :) 


Online Adventures:

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle on BrainPopjr.

username - GoshenFriends

Password - GoshenFriends2020


And finally, let's watch Tr. Donna as she leads us in Meeting for Worship:



Be Well!

Tr. Coleen 


Good Morning All :) 


I have a book you can listen to here:


Check out how you can make a puddle:


Now jump those boots into it that I sent you to decorate & cut out. Or you could make your own! 

 Have fun being the wind pushing the water around! 


Keep working on writing the letter n. 


Be Well,

Tr. Coleen 




Hello Families,


Hope this finds everyone well and hanging in there! We had a quiet but lovely Easter celebration at my house. It was kind of nice to "go to church" comfy on my couch with a cup of coffee :) Shout out to all the organizations keeping people connected via live streaming and the like! 


Let's check out Rain & the Water Cycle this week. 

I'm ready to see April showers so we can get to the May flowers :) 


Here is a read-a-loud:



Fine Motor:

* Playdough - yes, again! Playdough or any kind of dough is SO good for little fingers! 


* coloring, cutting & tracing


* cut out the cloud printable. Write your name in the cloud. Now how many letters are in your name? cut out that many raindrops and put a letter from your name in each drop. Hang the letters from the cloud to spell your name. It's raining your name! 


* follow my directions to write the letter N:



Gross Motor:

* Puddle Jumping! Go for jumping in real puddles and make some out of paper plates and tape (painter's tape works well) them to the floor. Add letters or numbers to the puddles for a game of letter or number recognition. Play musical letters (and/or numbers) by jumping as long as the music plays. When the music stops - freeze! Now tell me what letter are you standing on? What sound does it make? 




* Make dirt cups! Here is a Dirt Cup recipe. Write out the steps. Number the steps, use the measurements. Maybe draw an illustration or cut out the pictures showing the steps along with the words. Follow the steps with your child. Let them try to "read" the recipe (this is where the illustrations help). You be the helper and let your child be "the cook"!


* tracing numbers, counting, number recognition


* More about water! Listen to this water song by Sesame Street



* Click here to see how to Use water to make an instrument


* Time for singing in the rain


* Get in some days of the week practice while you dance and sing this one,

 Rain, Rain Go Away



* check out this cool process rainstorm art


* Attached below you will find a rain boot printable. Design your own rain boots and cut them out. we'll use them to splash in a puddle! I'll send you directions for the puddle later this week :) 


Sensory Exploration:

*Mud! It's been good and rainy, so get out there and make some mud pies! 

Get your shovel & pails, maybe a few pans, spoons and disposable tins for making those pies.  Hope you find some worms to go in your pies! 


*While you are playing in the mud try this mud paint recipe!


* Water play! Set up a bin and fill with water. You can dye it blue with  food coloring. use all sorts of fun toys in the water. Squirt bottles, funnels,various size cups, spoons, droppers. Punch holes in the bottom of plastic cups to make it rain when the cup is full of water! Add some soap and an old toothbrush and get some toys clean :) 


Online Adventures:

* This clip may be a little hard for some to maintain focus but I think other friends are going to soak it up :)  So no worries if it is not preferred by your kiddo. Try again another time... 

water cycle clip on BrainPop Jr.

Goshen Friends - username

GoshenFriends2020 - password

You can always explore BrainPop Jr. on your own anytime with this user name and password! 


* Check out Tr. Jamie reading Worm Weather 


* Here is Tr. Lauren's cool rain experiment


Let me know if you have any questions!


Be Well,

Tr. Coleen 


Hi Bee Families,

I hope all is well with you. Looking forward to seeing some sun this week :) 


Let's get in a few more Spring/Easter activities!


An "Old Lady" story! - listen for words that rhyme 


FIne Motor:

*Playdough! Make a plastic egg creation using playdough as the glue to hold eggs & egg halves together!


*Little Legos - set up a "museum' shelf or table for safely displaying lego creations that are out of reach for younger siblings and/or available for continuation of play :) 


*Cutting practice! This one is a biggy! Keep them practicing their cutting skills and remember process is more important than the product so let them go to town making "free form art"  and take a look at a quick article about scissor grasp.   Thumb on top - fingers below - now you're ready to go go go. 


* Tracing shapes printable


*Coloring pages - color some joyful spring pictures and deliver them to folks in your neighborhood that may need a spot of kindness :) contactless delivery of course!! 


* Writing the letter B:


Please start with b, practice for two days then move to letter f.


*Writing the Letter F


* Journaling - What do you think the Easter Bunny eats for breakfast? Color a picture and big people, take your kiddos dictation. Write what they say in a slow and deliberate way. Say each word as you write it.



Gross Motor:

*Hop like a bunny, move like a baby chick, roll like an egg! Play a game of simon says giving movement directions like this. Write movement ideas on pieces of paper then put those papers in plastic eggs and take turns choosing an egg & movement!


*Alphabet recognition Easter egg hunt




* number recognition, counting & one-to-one correspondence with jelly beans!

Cut out some ovals (eggs) and write a number on each egg (1-10 is fine but go for 1-20 if your kiddo is up for the challenge). Next make the corresponding amount of dots on that egg (space out the dots a bit). Now put one jelly bean per dot on the egg, count the jelly beans as you go! How many jelly beans did you put on the egg? Does it match the written number?


I spy Easter printable




*  5 baby birds song/fingerplay


* get your dance on Spring Time Dance



Sensory Exploration:

This is a cool way to dye those Easter eggs! 

shaving cream dyed eggs




* check out this chick :)  Fork print chick 

 add to the project and use your thumb or fingers to print little baby chicks :) 


* Paint rocks!  Kids in my neighborhood are spreading words of encouragement on painted rocks. They lay them on lawns near the street. Then ask neighbors to take the rock and drop them on lawns that do not have a rock yet so we can spread the kindness. What a beautiful idea and so nice to see when taking walks!


* new link for toilet paper tube bunny printing



Online Adventures:

BrainPop Jr. - rhyming words

Username: GoshenFriends

Password: GoshenFriends2020


rhyming words activity



Here you will find all of our teachers reading stories, demonstrating activities, and for Pre-K, Fundations fun :) 


 GFS Youtube channel



 I'll be in touch again on Tuesday 4/14 but will periodically check my email so reach out with any questions.


Be Well,




Good Afternoon Bee Families,


It's been a little crazy at my house but all is well :) Hope it is for you too!


Here's a story I hope you'll enjoy:



And here's a fun craft to make with toilet paper tubes! (Let your kiddos do most of this on their own! Unless you use a hot glue gun- maybe not that part...)



I'm attaching some matching worksheets to print out below.



Be Well,

Tr. Coleen 




Hi Families,

Happy Monday :) Hoping these weather blahs blow over soon! Even if it's a little damp, get out there! I saw lots of robins in my yard looking for worms yesterday! I know a few kiddos who would've loved seeing something so cool!


Let's enjoy this week before Easter and check out Bunnies, Eggs & Chicks! 


Here are two videos-- the first is a fun story, and the next is a fun craft!




FIne MotorAKA writing readiness! 

*button/zip own clothing & help a younger sibling :) 


*cutting practice

*writing/letter formation practice

*opening & closing plastic Easter eggs


*journaling:)  How do you like your eggs?! cooked? chocolate? decorated? (big people- add to this experience by writing down what your kiddo dictates to you about their picture) 

*Q-tip painting! Dip a Q-tip in paint, can you fill in just the dot?


Let's dive into writing letters! We will write lowercase letters. They will not be in alphabetical order but rather by ease of writing the letter, continuity of the stroke and similarity of those strokes to those letters previously taught. Fundations works on a routine of letter introduction one day and letter writing practice for two days then moving on to another letter. So a new letter every other day. 




Gross Motor: Large muscle work

*puddle jumping :) Who can splash the most?!  

*Egg hunt - put the eggs low enough to have to crawl, maybe where they have to climb over something & high enough to have to reach!

*Try to walk with an egg (plastic or real, up to you!) on a spoon! whoa! Now set up a course to have to navigate while you balance that egg! 

*Use sidewalk chalk to introduce the game of hopscotch. Now hop like a bunny while you play!


Math/ScienceFacilitates the building block on which all math concepts & skills will be laid upon. Promotes problem solving, research,communication & experimentation/discovery about the world around them

*A new month arrives this week! Print out a blank calendar to decorate and fill in the date each day. Or just cross off the days as you count on a calendar you already have. Let your kiddo do the counting to figure out the date. We do this every morning at school. 


*We also sing the days of the week song as we talk about what today is - yesterday was - tomorrow will be? 

Yikes! this clip is dated but this version works best in my opinion.

There are seven days in the week


*Engineering challenge - stack a tower with plastic egg halves!  Now add toilet paper & paper towel tubes to the balancing build!


*Fill a wide mouth cup with plain water, another with salt & water. Take one egg per cup and see if it will float or sink - first make predictions about which one will float or sink? Maybe they'll both float or both sink?!


*Extend the float/sink experiment to things around the house. Fill a bin with water and make sink or float predictions before you put them in the water! Perhaps you'll keep a graph of which things floated and which things sank.  


*Fizzy Fun - use an egg carton to hold a plastic egg half. Put a drop or three :) of food coloring in the bottom of the egg. Now put a scoop of baking soda on top of that. Here comes the fizzy part! Use a squirt bottle or dropper to drop vinegar onto the baking soda. Watch as it fizzes and reveals the color that was under the baking soda!  


*check out the crayon playdough recipe to make together :) 



Music/Movement: Listen and repeat songs help foster listening, attention/focus, language & communication skills as well as social development.

*We first heard this tune when we had a "Boom Chicka Boom, Will There Be Enough Room" theme so it should be a familiar fun song. 

Boom Chicka Easter 


Sensory ExplorationIt helps to build nerve connections in the brain. Encourages fine motor skills. Supports language development. Encourages scientific thinking and problem solving and can involve mindful(calming, stress relief) work. 

*shaving cream (it can be made a color with a bit of washable paint, liquid paint or food coloring) and plastic easter eggs!

*Easter "grass" or shredded paper and plastic eggs. Hide alphabet letters in the eggs! you can use magnetic letters, alphabet puzzle pieces or alphabet beads if you have something like that at home

*Add any little fun Easter decorations you may have. How about baby animals if you have an animal/farm set. 


Art: helps to develop both gross and fine motor skills. To provide practice with hand-eye coordination, bilateral hand use & crossing the midline opportunities. Offers an avenue to problem solve,express themselves and explore the world around them.

*Use an ink pad or washable paint to dip a thumb in then decorate Easter eggs! Try making a pattern:)

*Dip hands in yellow paint then press those hands on either side of an oval shaped chick to make it's wings! Embellish with feathers!

* Use glue and a bit of water (3 parts glue to 1 part water) to make decoupage glue - decorate a plastic (or plain wooden) Easter egg with tissue paper or cut up pretty/seasonal napkins that you may have.

*bunny prints using toilet paper rolls - working on a visual for this for you.


Online adventures:

Pre-K online learning games via Education.com


As always let me know if you have any questions.

Be Well,

Tr. Coleen 






Hello Families, 


This week's theme is Welcome Spring! 


I have been a fan of Brainpop & Brainpop Jr.. They normally require a fee/subscription but that has been waived as long as school is out. Thank you Brain Pop! Please watch this clip about spring with your kiddo :) If the link doesn't work, try copy and pasting it. 

user name - GoshenFriends

password -  GoshenFriends2020



I know some of you have gone on" sings of spring" walks already! If you haven't done that yet try to get out in your neighborhoods and take a peak. Even if it's lightly raining! Grab umbrellas and enjoy :)   at least 6 feet away from others of course... Look for buds (that will turn into flowers or leaves!), flowering trees, sprouting plants, daffodils & forsythia, birds & nests. Use all of your senses. We know you will see lots of signs. Now slow down and smell spring! What does it smell like? Today I smell the damp, clean scent of rain. Also an earthy smell. If you found flowering trees/bushes how do the flowers smell? How does spring sound? Do you hear more birds? I heard a very busy woodpecker in my yard! What do you feel? Does it feel warmer? Today I felt the rain on my head! Did you notice something happening with the sunlight? 


Start a journal with a picture of the things you experienced on your signs of springs walk. Big people please write down what your child tells you about their picture. Just a little helpful hint here on this - you may get more out of your little person if you ask "tell me about your picture" rather than "what did you draw"?  


Time for sensory fun! 

Bring some bright spring color inside! If you have rice or dry pasta try this:

Check out the description on the video for the rice, vinegar and food coloring ratios. 


Rhyming games online. Yes Please! 




Zulily shopping anyone? 



This is the formation directions we will follow at school via the fundations curriculum. It is my desire that we are on the same page with this. Remember your kiddos have not experienced this at school yet but they do know about the different lines on the paper. 


You will find printable coloring pages attached below. 


Stay in touch with each other! Keep sharing your awesome ideas and experiences. 


We got this! 


Be Well,

Tr. Coleen 

Hi Bumblebee Families! 

I hope you all are well and beginning to settle in. 


Normally I would be recapping what we've been up to and what we will be up to the following week but these are not normal times... Have you talked to your child/children about what is going on? I found this PBS website that maps the task out very well: 10-tips-for-talking-about-covid-19-with-your-kids


I wanted to check in and give you a few ideas about what you can do with your cuties while you have them home :) 


To start, here's a story I wanted to read to the Bumblebees and any other little listeners:


Check this out for all ages & stages of school -> http://www.amazing educational resources.com


Remember play is the work of a child! 


Research tells us that -

* Younger children have a different learning process than older children

* Developmentally appropriate practice is about making sure children have fun so they will learn. Pre-schoolers can not learn on demand. They learn because they want to.

* Teachers take play very seriously. We use play intentionally to make sure each child makes progress toward specific learning goals. 

* Our most important job right now is to keep learning fun so that your child can make progress everyday.

You are still your child's most influential teacher. You can keep the progress going!


I found a schedule (Windsor Christain Academy) that may be helpful. Kiddos NEED structure. We all get a sense of security from a routine. They will thrive when they know what is expected of them and what to expect. The examples of what to do fit well for the most part but of course you'll adapt & edit as it fits your family. 



Play in creative ways with not so ordinary toys! 

Do you have plastic or paper cups? Use them to build with! 

cover the bottom of a tray, plate, box whatever you have with dried beans, salt, sand or may favorite - shaving cream! Now try to write letters. How about your name?


Get a hand mirror and paint it with water colors! No hand held mirror? Use a full length mirror! So fun :) If you don't have water colors this is another fun way to use shaving cream! Your child needs to work on both horizontal & vertical surfaces. 


And finally, READ! read to your child. Have them "read" to you. Ask them questions while you're reading. Ask them to make predictions about what may happen next. Did they hear any words that rhyme? 


Let me know if you have any questions. 


Tr. Coleen