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Does my child have to be potty trained to attend Goshen Friends? While potty-training is not an absolute requirement, children must be actively engaged in potty training and moving toward independence.

Do you have a dress code? Goshen Friends does not have a formal dress code. In keeping with Quaker philosophy, camouflage and fatigues are discouraged.

What is the teacher-student ratio? The teacher-student ratio is 1:6 in preschool (class sizes limited to 12) and 1:7.5 in pre-kindergarten (class sizes limited to 15).

Do you have a parent body like the PTA? How can parents get involved? The PTA at Goshen Friends is called the GPC (Goshen Parent Community). The GPC meets approximately once a month. The membership consists of parent volunteers who coordinate various school events, programs, and fundraisers.

What role does community service play at Goshen? Community service is reflective of the school's Quaker values and is an integral part of the Goshen Friends experience. Service projects throughout the year benefit local nonprofit organizations including the Chester County Food Bank, Devereux, Goshen Fire Company, Safe Harbor of Chester County, Home of the Sparrow, the Brandywine Valley SPCA, and Bellingham Retirement Community.

How is the school governed? Do you have a Board of Trustees? Yes. The board of trustees is called the General Committee, and it has three responsibilities: It makes certain that the school’s mission is being followed and fulfilled by all of its constituents, it hires the Head of School and assesses his or her performance each year, and it has fiduciary responsibility for the school.

Is Goshen Friends an accredited independent school? Yes. Goshen Friends is accredited by PAIS (Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools).

Do I have to be Quaker to attend Goshen Friends School? No, you do not have to be a Quaker. Goshen Friends School welcomes students of all faiths.