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Hi Bears!


I can't believe this is our last week of school!  We are so excited for you to pick up your home school bags this week.  Tr. Joyce and I have also put together a separate green gift bag for everyone.  We have truly loved being your teachers this year.


In the home school bag you will find Tr. Joyce's ocean diorama and all of its parts ready for you to put together!  I have also added your season trees that we have been working on this year.  Since spring has come while we have been home, I've included what you will need to finish that tree.  I will be sending a video showing how to make your spring tree on Wednesday.


Your bags also have artwork from the virtual clothesline show and some precious keepsakes including your sit-upons from the classroom.  The Mother's Day plates are in the bags and they are so cute!  You will even find a memento from the school that we know you will love.  Finally, inside the bag is a smaller rainbow dotted bag with some party supplies for you to bring to our last zoom on Friday.  I will be sending more info about that on Wednesday.  


If you have any questions or are unable to pick up your bags on Thursday or Friday morning please let me know.  I would be happy to drop them off at your home.  


I hope you are all able to make it to the "Farewell School, Hello Summer" parade Monday June 8th at 10am!  It will be so wonderful to see each other in person!



Please enjoy these summer inspired videos I made for you this week!


Join me for another storytime this week!  The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli is a silly story about a crocodile who LOVES watermelon.



Learn how to make a fan to cool you off on a hot day.  These fans look just like the watermelon from the cover of our story The Watermelon Seed.


Here is a story that talks about another yummy summertime treat...ice cream!  Join Gerald as he struggles answering the question Should I Share My Ice Cream?  The book by Mo Willems is a favorite this time of year!




Check out more summertime activities:


Fine Motor:


Egg Carton Ice Cream Cones- We use these in the sensory bin at school.  You can substitute cotton balls for the ice cream if you do not have pom poms.


Shadow Drawings


Milk Jug Elephant- I love this activity because it is impressive and you probably have all of the supplies at home.


Gross Motor:


Simple Color Scavenger Hunt


Have a blast friends!



Tr. Jaime 


Hi Bears!


I hope that you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with your families!  Yesterday was just a great chance to get out and enjoy some sunshine.  


Last week we explored the ocean and sea life, this week we are going to be looking at life in another body of water...ponds!  Do you have a pond near you that you like to visit?  A pond is a great place to visit this time of year.  You can find geese, fish, water bugs, turtles, frogs and right now tons and tons of tadpoles!


Check out pond life in this video!

Life at the Pond's Edge


Join me for story time!  We will be reading a book about frogs.


Do you think you remember the stages of a frog's life?  Let's see!


You will have so much fun making and playing with your own jumping frog.



Check out some more activities:


Fine Motor


*  Frog Life Cycle Craft -  reuse an egg carton and bubble wrap to recreate your own life cycle.


*  Easy Paper Plate Snake -  Snakes live around ponds too.  Make one using a paper plate.


Gross Motor


*  Frog Life Cycle Board Game




*  Five Green and Speckled Frogs Sing-Along- Remember singing this song with Tr. Chris?


Have a great week!


Tr. Jaime



Hi Friends,


I want to share a really fun ocean activity with you.  Remember the weather sensory jars we use at circle time?  Now you can make your own!  Instead of a weather jar I will be creating an ocean in a jar!


I am excited to see everyone at our Zoom Art Show!




Hi Friends!


I hope that you all enjoyed the summer-like weather that we had over the weekend!  I don't know about you, but the warm weather always makes me want to head to the beach!  This week we are going to explore the ocean and sea life.


This video introduces us to all kinds of sea life!

Octonauts Creatures A to Z


In the book One Nighttime Sea we are going to be introduced to all kinds of sea life while practicing counting up to 10 and down from 10.


Let's make our own blue whale like the one from our book!



This is a silly book about a naughty little fishy.


Check out more fun ocean activities:


Fine Motor:


Paper bag jellyfish

Tin foil fish




Check out this experiment that explores the difference between saltwater and freshwater.

Ocean science


Gross Motor:


Create your own ocean themed movement dice like the ones we use in class.

Ocean themed movement


Have fun under the sea!

Tr. Jaime


Hello families!


I hope that you are having a wonderful week!  If any of you have set up tents or built forts with your Bears please share some pictures!  I had big plans to set up our enormous tent in our backyard this week, but the weather hasn't been cooperating.  That's ok, we have been building tons of forts instead!


Did you know that you don't need a campfire to make s'mores?  I am going to teach you how to bake your own indoor S'more Cups!  Check it out!


I have also attached a song below that you can sing about S'mores. 

It is sung to the same tune as the Spaghetti song that we sing with Tr. Chris. 

We will have to teach him this version!





Hi Bears!


Have you ever been camping before?  Setting up a tent is usually the trickiest part of camping.  You can try out setting up your own campsite just by using blankets and pillows to create a fort!  You can even bring along a favorite book and flashlight to make your fort a cozy reading nook.


Join me and my daughters for a story time in our cozy fort!  We will be reading We're Going On A Bear Hunt, by Michael Rosen.


The book was even made into an animated 30min short film!  Check out the trailer, you might want to watch the entire movie.

We're Going On A Bear Hunt(2016)


Take some time to get outside and try to make your own bear hunt obstacle course!  Send me pictures or videos of you going through your own course.  It is so much fun!


When you are really outside camping, you have lots of time to explore nature.  I am going to show you how to make your own binoculars to take outside, just like we have done at school. 


I also have a scavenger hunt for you.  You will use all of the items you find on the scavenger hunt to make a nature treasure box!  I included a printable (attached below) for your parents.



Some more fun camp themed activities:


Fine Motor:


Use a crushed up ball of tin foil to create your own campfire.

Painted campfire


Make your own lantern using a plastic water bottle.

Glowing lantern


You can make a bird feeder by spreading peanut butter on a toilet paper roll and then rolling that in birdseed.  String a piece of yarn through the roll and hang from a nearby tree.  (If you have nut allergies you can use Crisco instead of peanut butter)


Gross Motor:


Here is another Cosmic Yoga video.  This time Jaime (love her name) will show us some great yoga poses while retelling the story: We're Going On A Bear Hunt!

Cosmic Yoga-Bear Hunt



Campfire Songs


Have a great week friends!




Hello families!


I am so grateful to be blessed with the sweetest moms at GFS.  Your love and care shows through in your children.  On more occasions than we could count, Tr. Joyce and I marvel over how kind and thoughtful the Bears are with each other.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your ongoing support.  You are all amazing moms and you deserve to have a fabulous Mother's Day on Sunday.  


Dads, these next activities are for you to check out!  Moms, cover your eyes!


*Get outside with Dad to create this work of art for Mom!


*I also included a sweet printable for you to help your child fill out.  These are keepers and tear jerkers!


*Check out this page.  I like it because the ideas are very sweet, but simple.

Mother's Day Gifts


Stay well my friends!




Hello Bears,


It means so much to me that we are still able to keep in touch with each other even though we can't be in our school right now.  We are able to email, send pictures and have our weekly meetings.  These are great ways to show friendship.  If we were still in school we would be preparing for our Friendship Day and I thought we should keep that theme this week. 


Join me for storytime!  I will be reading a sweet book about friendship called Stick and Stone, by Beth Ferry.


Check out how to make your own storytelling stones!  You can use these to retell Stick and Stone to a friend!  


I've attached a printable sheet below for this activity!



Families, here are some more Friendship-Themed Activities:

Fine Motor:

Draw a picture and send it to a friend or family member.  There is nothing like getting a letter in the mail to make someone smile.  If you have older children encourage them to write to a friend and become pen pals!


I know that most families do not have shrinky dink paper for this craft.  This is what I would be doing with your child as a gift to a special friend on Friends Day in school.  You can order the paper on Amazon and it is so much fun, if you want to give it a try!  They make great gifts.

Shrinky Dink Handprints



I love this handprint card that you can make with your child.  It is perfect for Mother's Day, but could be used to send to any friend!

Handprint Card


Gross Motor:

Draw a hopscotch board on your driveway.  Fill in the square with all kinds of ways to show love (knock me down with a big hug, give your sister a high five, give me 3 big kisses).  Use a small rock and roll to a square and have your child hop to it and perform the sweet task.



Check out the awesome storytimes the teachers at Goshen have on YouTube!


Have an awesome week celebrating friends and family!


Tr. Jaime


Hi families!


I wanted to check in and see how everyone's snap pea plants are doing.  Here is a picture of the peas my family and I planted on April 7th. 



We haven't added any water since we "planted" the seeds.  The only difference is that each plant has been living in different rooms that get different amounts of sunlight.  Can you guess which plant gets the most sunlight?  Which one do you think gets the least?  The good news is that they have all sprouted and are ready to be planted in soil.  I can't wait to hear how your plants are doing!


I hope that you have enjoyed some of the farm activities I have sent.  I have a silly story to share with you about a woman named Mrs Mopple.  This time I will not be using a book.  I am using felt characters to act out my story.  I hope you like it!


I absolutely love seeing pictures of my friends keeping busy at home.  Please keep them coming!



Tr. Jaime



Howdy Bears!


This week we are going to explore life on the farm.  Have you ever visited a farm before?  Can you think of any animals you might find on a farm?  I sent home several pictures of some animals for you to color in and cut out.  Add them to your own paper bag barn!


Check out this cool virtual trip to a real farm.  See if you can figure out how Tr. Jaime is like a turkey egg!  Make sure to stay until the end and play name that animal.

Take a Field Trip to the Animal Farm


My mom (Tr. MJ) has her very own chickens in her backyard.  They are each named after a kind of flower and are each a different color.  They also lay different colored eggs!  I bet you wouldn't want to eat their favorite snack at snack time!


When we are at school do you remember what we do at snack time after we open our napkins, but before we sing our prayer?  We take a big calming breath, right!  It is so important to remember to take our belly breaths especially if we are feeling upset.  Check out how you can create a chick that can also remind you about those important belly breaths.  While you're at it you can see how to practice milking a cow at home!


Did you know that pigs love to roll in the mud?  They don't do this because they love being dirty.  Mud helps cool them off when it is hot outside.  The mud also keeps pigs from getting a sunburn, kind of like sunscreen!  Here is a fun way to make your own muddy pig.  I have included a pig for your grown ups to print out, or you can draw your own.


Pig Printable


Parents check out some more farm activities!


Fine Motor:


Help your child assemble the red barn and animals that were sent home.


Repurpose a wine cork and create an adorable woolly sheep.

Cork stamped sheep


Sensory bin- Fill a large container with water and soap to create a bubble bath.  Then just toss in plastic farm animals (or bugs, dinos, plastic play food-really anything you want clean).  Let your child use eye droppers, brushes, sponges and cups and have them give their toys a bath.  This was a hit in our classroom when we had our healthy habit theme!


Gross motor:

Try out this cute game in your backyard.  You can use balloons or just use balls!

Round up the sheep



Using the completed barn craft I sent home, place all of the animals inside the bag.  Sing Old MacDonald as you pull out each animal.



Try making your own butter!  

Homemade butter experiment


Have fun!

Hugs to all!

Tr. Jaime


Happy Earth Day Bears,


Join me for a story time today!  I will be reading 10 Things I Can Do To Help My World by Melanie Walsh.  My challenge for you is to come up with one thing you can do to help your world everyday.



I hope that you have been enjoying the videos and activities I sent out on Monday.  I have a couple more that I think you would enjoy.


Snack Time:

I bet that you have no idea that many foods you eat are actually seeds or contain seeds.  Gather a few items you have in your own kitchen (some ideas- peanuts, popcorn, cucumbers, grapes, kiwi, bananas, tomatoes, and strawberries).  Now become detectives and see if you can find the seeds in these everyday foods!  


Daisy Craft/Fine Motor:

Bears can practice cutting and gluing down in this adorable 3-D craft.  It's another cup craft, this time paper.  

Paper cup daisy's


The Tiny Seed:  Please watch the book The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle in this read aloud.   Use the supplies sent home to recreate your own version of the cover art.

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle



Hi Bears!


We've been exploring the many things that happen in the springtime now that the weather is finally getting a bit warmer. I hope that you and your families have been able to get outside to play. Maybe some of you have even gotten a chance to go on some walks either around your neighborhood or maybe even in the woods or at a park.  Have you noticed a change in the trees?  Have you seen any flowers beginning to bloom?  I know that many of you are big helpers in your yards and some may even have gardens.  Did you know that these plants begin as tiny seeds?  Maybe some of you have even planted a seed before.  In order for a seed to grow it needs 5 things.


Watch this short video about what a plant needs.  


Your grown ups will be picking up some activities from Tr. Joyce and I this week.  One of these activities is to grow your very own sugar snap peas!   I have created a way for you to be able to see all of the parts of your pea plant grow (including its roots).   I will include detailed directions, so don't worry my future gardeners! 


Speaking of roots, do you know all the parts of a plant?  Take a look outside or maybe inside and find a flower growing.  Can you point to the stem?  The leaves?  The flower or bloom?  Where are the roots?  Can you see them?  They grow underground so we can't see them when we pick a flower.  Follow Story, Clover and I as we go on a nature hike and sort the different parts of the plants and flowers we find.


One of my favorite things that grows from seeds are flowers!   They come in all shapes, colors and sizes!  You can create your own unique and colorful flower using just a plastic cup and sharpies!



Some more seed, plant and flower activities!


Fine Motor:


Sensory bin-   In the spring I love to turn our sensory bin into our indoor garden.  I use dried black beans as the "soil".  You can make your own by filling a deep pan or plastic container with the beans.  Then you can add shovels, cups, plastic or real flowers, plastic bugs or anything else that can be found outside in a garden.


Mud Activity-  Check out Tr. Lauren's activity from last week.   The video shows how much fun making mud indoors can be.  Check out her link on GFS website for the full recipe.  You can practice your letters and numbers by writing in mud!  Checking out our schools website is a great way to get to know the other teachers a bit better and see what they are up to these days.  


Gross Motor Game:


This is a fun one to get the kids moving and all you need is tape, fake or real flowers, a die, and toilet paper rolls (who doesn't have those;).

Spring flower game 




My kids loved this blooming flower activity.  We tried this out in our bath tub!

 Blooming puddle paper flowers




Next time you crank up the tunes for a dance party add a homemade instrument.  Fill a plastic water bottle with any kind of dried seed (think corn kernels or dried peas) and shake it to the beat!


Have a blast this week Bears!  Check for my Earth Day email on Wednesday!



Hello families,


I have a very easy symmetry math game to try out with your preschooler.  Using blocks, legos, pretzels sticks or anything you have on hand to build one half of a butterfly.  Invite your child to finish building the butterfly so the other side looks like a mirror of yours.  



Do you have tons of leftover plastic Easter eggs like we do?  Check out how to turn them into adorable caterpillars! 



Have a great day!




Hello Bears!


I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend!  I am sure that many of you either hunted for Easter eggs, decorated eggs or even ate chocolate eggs.  I did all of these things!  Did you know that chickens aren't the only creatures who lay eggs?  


All insects and bugs lay eggs!  As the temperature is rising and we can get outside more often you will begin to notice more and more bugs out and about.  Have you seen any bugs lately?  Maybe a wasp, a stink bug or a mosquito?  It's hard to tell, but all insects have 6 legs!  Do you have a favorite bug?  I want to share a video about the life cycle of my favorite flying colorful bug that is pretty amazing.  Can you guess what it is?


Here are some ideas to get you Buggin! 

Join me for a story that follows a caterpillar in the tall grass!

Let's make a symmetrical butterfly together!



Coloring Pages:



Gross Motor Game: 

Hold on to your milk or water jugs for this cute game!



Letter Recognition Game:

On a large piece of paper (or on several) write the letters of the alphabet.  Tape the sheet/s to a wall.  Call out a letter and have your child swat it with a fly-swatter!


Fine Motor Activities:




Cosmic Yoga- Bugs:

This is a long video but give it a try for a few minutes.  It's so fun for the kids and parents to do together!



Hello Bears!


As we are heading towards Spring Break and Easter I have had bunnies, chicks and eggs on my mind.  I don't know about you, but it seems that every time I look outside I see a bunny in our yard.  We see him so often we've named him Peter.   Did you know that some bunnies (or rabbits ) can swim?  Check out this amazing video taken of a swamp rabbit!  


We have also been spending a lot of time in our backyard hiding plastic (and some real hard boiled) for each other.  Have you ever dyed or decorated real eggs?  Have you ever been to an egg hunt?  They are a fun way to get moving outside.  



Check out some of these Easter inspired ideas!


Fine Motor Activities:




Movement & Yoga:




Songs/ Fingerplays:








Printable Coloring Pages:





Want to go on a virtual spring break? Check out the spring blooms at Longwood Gardens. The Philadelphia zoo also has a daily schedule for the kids to check out!






Are you low on art supplies?  No worries!  Following along while we show you a simple way to make paint using items from your pantry.


Let’s create a big, yummy chocolate bunny using only oval shapes.  Just in time for Easter!



I hope some of you are finding your "new normal" these days flowing a bit easier.  Between moving, learning new technology, setting my kids up for virtual success, cooking, cleaning and the new added stress of simply going to the grocery store I think I am (kind of) finding some sort of flow.  Again, I want to praise you all for being such wonderful parents and tackling all of the above plus many trying to work from home, outside of home, or in our hospitals.  I am amazed and send my gratitude.


Part of trying to find a flow began by setting my own children up with a space that resembled school.  I taped off my kitchen table with painters tape so they each have their own "desk".  On a side table I put laptops, sharpened pencils, rulers, crayons, basically everything that is in their desks and lockers at school.  After doing this I thought about my Bears at home.  Having a preschooler (along with their sibling/s) at home, when they are so used to being at school 3 days a week is a different kind of challenge. 


I know your children thrive when we keep a routine in the classroom and they know what to expect next.  Especially now, this familiarity can be comforting.  Think about creating an area for "school" at home.  Allow you child(ren) to even decorate their own sit upon for a circle time (ours are made by folding a grocery bag and taping with packing tape). 


I am attaching a copy of our sample day that I sent home at back-to-school as well as our circle time songs. (BELOW in "Week of April 6 Attachments". You can use them as a guide. 



Circle Time


Our circle time begins with a song.  I encourage the children to sit criss-cross applesauce, hands in their laps.



We then go around circle and shake hands (using right hand and eye contact) and of course another song.  You can have your child fill in their own name if it is just the two of you, but in class we go around the circle clockwise.



We then go over the morning schedule.  Free play, circle time, activity, special, snack, quiet book, outdoor play (or indoor gross motor game) then pick up (or in your case lunch and a 3 hour nap- haha).



Next we go to our calendar.  I was able to print a simple free calendar in clip art for the month of April for my kids.  Sing our song.  Ask who knows our new month?  Then we count up to today's day.  The kids love using a pointer for this.  Once we count up to the day they can put a maker on it.  Maybe a small sticker, stamp or just an X.  Then I say the date and the children repeat:  "Today is Monday, April 6th".  We also use the calendar to mark special events like holidays and birthdays.  We like to count how many sleeps until these special days!



Then, we have weather.  We sing our weather watcher song.  I invite the weather watcher to go to the window and come back to circle to report what they see.  In school we have a weather wheel and weather sensory jars to shake.  At home you may like to include weather movement.  Swaying arms if windy, big arms overhead if sunny, ect.



We then discuss our weekly theme.  I love to show pictures or quick videos that support what we are discussing.   I invite questions and include a book (that corresponds if possible).  We end circle time with a description (or youtube video) of an activity that we will participate in after circle.  Finally the children are responsible for putting their sit-upons away before they can join in the activity.



At this point you can use any of the videos, links or ideas I have sent for a shared activity.  We usually spend about 10 minutes experimenting, creating a craft or exploring outside before they can choose a free play such as legos, coloring page, dramatic play or puzzles. 



I know Trs.  Chris and Maria Elena have been working hard on getting content out to you for our "specials" enrichment.



Snack time always includes a quiet breathing to calm our bodies as well as our prayer.  I always encourage manners at snack time using please and thank you.  Sometimes we have quiet discussions or listen to calming music while we eat.  The children are always responsible for throwing out their trash and then finding a quiet book.



Use this time to get outside in your yard, go for a walk, or choose a game from a movement link I have shared.


My hope is that these suggestions give you a few ideas and that I am not overwhelming you.  I have no doubt that you are already doing an amazing job at home with your kids. 


Have fun this week!

Love, Tr. Jaime


Good morning families!


Some of you have been sending me pictures of your kiddos and they are brightening my day!  Thank you!  I would like to set up a Zoom meeting for this Friday, April 3rd at 11:30 so that we can all see each other. Please email me if you need me to send the invitation credentials again.


I am going to invite your child to bring along a "show and tell" item to share with the class.  By now you have all either been a part of a Zoom meeting or at least heard of Zoom.  Please let me know if you need help navigating Zoom.  I tried out hosting a call with Tr. Joyce yesterday and it went well. 


Thanks for all of your support!





I hope that you are keeping busy this week!  I have been busy with my family and wanted to share a few more ideas to keep you moving and learning. 


I miss you friends!


What a rainy weekend we had! I hope that you were all able to view my Youtube videos about rainy weather.  Now that it is officially spring I am looking forward to warmer, sunnier days! Did you know something pretty magical happens when it is raining and the sun comes out at the same time? We see a RAINBOW! Have any of you ever seen a rainbow before? I bet some of you have! Here is a link to a quick video for you to watch about how a rainbow is formed and its colors.


My kids and I have made a video on how to make your own spring playdough using common kitchen items that you probably have on hand. 

I know it can get messy, but it is a great way to improve your fine motor/pre-writing skills. It also has a calming effect which we can all enjoy the benefits of these days. Later this week, I will be sending a video of a rainbow science experiment as well as a springtime math craft. I am aware that all of the craft stores are closed, so I am trying to keep my activities simple. We will be using items that you could pick up at the grocery store if you do not already have them.


Here's a counting activity video we made:


Have a wonderful Monday!


Tr. Jaime


Ideas for Rainbow Week


Rainbow Snack:









Coloring Pages:





 Dance Songs:




Hello Bears!


I hope this message finds you all well at home with your families.  I am working on storytime and activity videos for you so we can feel a little more connected. 


Here's are the first couple of videos!





Since we have been together we have said goodbye to one season and hello to another!  Goodbye winter and hello spring!  I hope that you were able to get outside over the weekend.  Maybe you were able to see some signs of spring?  I am sending some really cool spring ideas and activities that you can do from home this week. 


I really miss all of you so much and am sending love and "Bear" hugs to all! 





Tr. Jaime



Check out these cool SPRING activities!


Yoga & Movement:





Coloring Pages:















Hello Families,


I hope that this first Monday of social distancing has been a good one!  These are strange and stressful times, but it is my hope that it is also an opportunity for us all to slow things down and reflect on what is truly important.  I will be reaching out with more ideas and activities to keep your preschooler (or any aged child) moving and learning. 


Indoor Activities

  •    Playdough
  •    Sand (great for letter practice)
  •    Water Beads or Orbeez
  •    Sensory Bin - switch it out daily to keep it interesting (rice, beans, water and soap, nature items from outside)
  •    Watercolors
  •    Fingerpaint
  •    Build a fort
  •    Reading with lights off and flashlights
  •    Baking
  •    Paper bag puppets
  •    Decorating and playing in cardboard boxes

Outdoor Activities

  •    Water table (you could also use these as sensory bins)
  •    Sidewalk chalk
  •    Nature scavenger hunt
  •    Picnics
  •    Bikes, skates and scooters
  •    Hunt and snap pictures of signs of Spring (our family did this today)
  •    Painting on sidewalks with just a brush and water (think Longwoods children's garden)

Here are some links that you may find useful as well. 











Science Experiments:



Scavenger Hunts:



Hang in there - we can do this!

Tr. Jaime