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Hello Friends!

This week let’s talk some more about animals that live in the ocean. Do you take a trip to the beach in the summertime? It is my favorite place to be! Below you will find readings, activities and songs about the Jellyfish and the ocean. Have fun!

Click here to read Jenny the Jellyfish with Tr. Jill


Click here to check out some pages from the Ocean-Pedia with me:


Click here for a fun jellyfish craft:



To learn more about Jellyfish click here:



For one of our favorite class songs about the shark click here:



Another super fun song Under the Sea:




For Spanish with Tr. Maria Elena this week click here:



“A House is a House for me” with Tr. Chris 




I hope you all have a wonderful week! I miss you so much!!!


In Friendship,

Tr. Jill and Tr. MJ


Hello Friends!


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. 


This week, I am in Nokomis Beach near Sarasota Florida. There is so much wildlife here! We are still learning about habitats. Today I will show you the Gopher Tortoise. I have seen them on my walks to the beach! I also have a new big word for you, the word is ENDANGERED. Endangered means at risk of extinction. Extinction is when an animal no longer exists. Can you imagine if dogs were endangered and went extinct? That would be so sad. What can we do to help save animals that are endangered? We will talk about this in our zoom meeting on Thursday. Below are some videos about the Gopher Tortoise. 


To explore the Gopher Tortoise Habitat with me, click here:



Learn about endangered species and how to help here:



More about the endangered Gopher Tortoise:





Here Teacher Colleen reads a fun turtle countdown:



Teacher Lauren reads the Pout Pout Fish:



Many of the classes at Goshen Friends School have begun learning about the oceans and ocean animals. Please check out all of the fun activities and readings on our school YouTube channel!


If you are interested in learning more about the animal and marine life here in Sarasota Florida, please check out an organization that is near and dear to my heart, the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium https://mote.org/ 

The Mote has taught my family so much about the ocean and the marine life that lives in it. We have had opportunities to snorkel with manatee, meet sea turtles, dissect a squid and explore sharks! We are passionate about getting involved in cleaning up the beaches and oceans. We are all stewards of the earth. What can you do to help the wildlife and lands near you? 


This week, please continue to have fun doing math activities with me and keep practicing tracing and writing your names. Look in your take home bags and color the starfish print out. Can you follow the directions for coloring? Send me pictures when you finish!


To learn colors in Spanish, click here to watch Tr. Maria Elena:




I look forward to seeing you all at the Art show Wednesday evening at 6pm. 


In Friendship,

Tr. Jill


Good morning Ladybugs!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Mother’s Day! Our friend Piper celebrated her birthday on Sunday. Happy Birthday Pip, we hope your day was super special!


This week I invite you all to watch a Habitat Hike. We went on a hike and turned over some bark and stones to see if we could find some insects in their natural habitats. To watch click here:



For new math games and activities click here:



Count with with Tr. Carolyn here:



To visit  Old McDonald’s farm with Maestra Maria Elena this week click here:



For new songs with T. Chris click here:


Have you tried to “Make a Face in Your Place” with Tr. Chris yet?



What insects can you find in your yard? Maybe you have been to visit a pond or creek? What did you observe there?  Please look for a small box or container that you might be able to use as a bug catcher or small creature habitat this week. We will be making our own next week. Continue to practice tracing and writing your name friends. If you would like more craft ideas and teacher readings, visit our school YouTube page!


Have a wonderful week!


In Friendship,

Tr. Jill


Hello Friends!


I hope that you were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather over the weekend! I was so happy to see some friends at our weekly meeting and thank you to T. Chris for joining us for some music! I miss you all so much!

This week I have a big word for you all to learn. The word is Habitat. We will start to learn about habitats by reading about the Ladybug and discussing where the Ladybug lives.  



Teacher MJ’s chickens:


Lifecycle of the Ladybug:



5 Little Ladybugs Song:



10 interesting insects:



It’s time to make your own ladybug, click here:


5 Green and Speckled Frogs with T. Colleen:



Please enjoy Meeting for Worship with Teacher Donna this week:



Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend. Teacher Kim has read some books about how much we love our Mothers! Click here to watch one:



For Spanish with T. Maria Elena click here:



This week feel free to look at some more of the print outs that were sent home. Can you find the sheet of the Sun? Can you make a pattern of colors on the rays of sunshine? 


Continue to try some of these fun math activities at home, click here:



I have been getting outside as much as I can and am busy finding insects in their habitats. Next week you will be able to watch and see what I have found. In the meantime, get outside and see what you can find!


If you would like to learn more about other insects please go to the school YouTube page to check out what some of the other teachers are studying( Frogs, butterflies, caterpillars, Firefly etc)!


Have a wonderful week and Happy Mother’s Day!


In Friendship,

Tr. Jill



Good morning Friends,


I am excited to share with you that our school YouTube channel now has over 100 teacher videos for you to enjoy! You can now see your Children's favorite specials teachers to participate in Spanish, Music, and Art class. I also suggest clicking on some readings and projects by the teachers that your child will have next year. Some of your children will have Tr. Colleen and others Tr. Jaime. If you are unsure please reach out and I can let you know. 


This week we will take a short hike, make a nature mural with our findings, and begin to talk about insects! If you have a small container that you feel would work as a bug catcher please set it aside for next weeks project! Here are the links:


Nature hike:


Nature mural:



Insect book:


Everyone has picked up their bags and received a stack of print outs. Please use the print outs of tracing lines and cutting this week for extra fine motor practice. Color the picture of the weather and the butterfly. Encourage your little ones to try their best to stay inside the lines. 


For those of you that have reached out about continuing to work on letter and number recognition, I’ve included a few educational apps and websites that are great for preschool age. Inside the take home bags you will find an Upper Case Alphabet print out. Feel free to begin by helping your child to find the letters in their name and color them in!






In Friendship,

Tr. Jill



Good morning Ladybug families!
This week we will celebrate Earth Day on April 22! Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Did you know that many famous Naturalists attribute the longevity of their curiosity to the presence of a playful, encouraging adult in their childhood? I encourage you all to get outside and follow your child’s curiosity. Here are some ideas to get you started:

-follow a sound until you locate the source (I.e. chickens, a stream, a woodpecker). Make sure voices are off, listening ears are on and collect some items for our next project!

-Go in a hike and let your child lead.

-blindfold someone and take them to a place they are familiar with. Guide them around until they correctly identify the place.

- play follow the leader on a bike or scooter.

-find a neighborhood creek. Launch a toy boat or stick and follow it.

Please enjoy this Meeting for Worship in Celebration of Earth Day with Tr. Donna




Here are 3 beautiful songs about the Earth that we love to sing in our home:









I hope you have a wonderful week!


In Friendship,

Tr. Jill
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Hi Families!

Please refer to this video for beginner math concept activities. We have already introduced some of these in the classroom this year. These activities help develop beginning math concepts, hand/eye coordination, fine motor skills, color recognition, sorting,  listening to and following directions, sensory input, working together and more! Please try to incorporate these into your play a few times a week. Start by using ten items at a time and then you can build off of that. If you feel that your child is ready for more challenging activities, you can add more items and add more steps to the activities. Have fun!




Good morning Friends!

I hope that those of you who observe Passover and Easter had a wonderful holiday!
This week we will continue to work on developing fine motor skills by tracing names. We will also learn how to be a Bucket Filler! 

It is important for children to learn to recognize and write their name to know their identity. Being able to recognize your name helps children to feel important. Recognizing your peer’s names also builds community. We work on this in the classroom when Helping Hands/jobs are assigned. Name recognition builds concepts of print and also begins the process of site reading. Knowing your own name also supports beginning math concepts.

Here's a video of me reading the story “Have You Filled a Bucket Today” by Carol McCloud:

This is such a wonderful book for so many reasons. I especially like to use it in Quaker classrooms, as it coincides with Quaker values. After watching the reading, talk about some ways that you and your child can fill a bucket. Some great ways to do this during quarantine are to draw pictures for loved ones and put them in the mail. You can also send quick videos through text or email to friends and loved ones. At the dinner table, take turns sharing one thing that you love about each person in the family. We do this at school when we celebrate a friends birthday, or during Morning Meeting when we see friends being kind to each other or making room for each other.

I look forward to our Zoom call this Thursday morning at 10:35am. Please have your child ready to tell us about a family tradition or a way that they have filled a bucket this week.

Please continue to refer back to previous emails and the school webpage for resources and activities to be working on at home during this time. I will have a new reading and activity posted Thursday morning as well. We will be sending out envelopes with supplies to complete upcoming projects soon.

In Friendship,
Tr. Jill

Hello Friends!


This week I have put together a reading and a craft to go with it.

I have also added two links for your children to watch on YouTube. One is about Easter and the other about Passover. Both are cute, short and simple. They provide a nice explanation about what these Holidays are and why they are important to many people.


Enjoy the Easter Egg activity afterwards in the video below:



I love this specific project because it involves so many areas of development. It gets children using their fine motor skills, incorporates sensory activity using shaving cream, encourages creative thinking and the color mixing is a nice little science experiment.


On our next Zoom call I will be asking everyone if they have any family traditions that you all enjoy this time of year. You can help prepare your child by talking about what your family does for Easter, Passover, or preparing for the Easter Bunny to come. Maybe you have other traditions throughout the year that you might want to share? We discussed what a tradition is in November before Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to seeing everyone soon. Have a great week!


In Friendship,

Tr. Jill



Hi friends! This is me reading one of my favorite books, The Snail and the Whale.


Now let's make a snail like the one in The Snail and the Whale!


Good Morning Friends!


It was so nice to see everyone’s smiling faces and to hear about what you have all been up to these past few weeks!























I was able to stop by our classroom this week. Teacher MJ had the door all ready for Spring, it looks so pretty!

Be sure to check back here for some new activities this week!

In Friendship,
T. Jill


March 31, 2020


Good morning Friends!


I have been thinking of you all this week and wondering how you’re handling social distancing. It is getting more challenging in our house. We are missing our friends and family and trying to find new ways to stay busy and positive. What has been working for your family? I would love to hear from you!


This week I want to challenge you all to create your own sensory bin at home. If this is something you already use, switch it up and try a new sensory experience!

Sensory play includes any activity that stimulates your child’s senses: touch, smell, taste, movement, sight and hearing. It provides opportunities for your child to lead their play and be creative. 


Sensory play:

…helps with brain development

…builds language skills

…grows motor skills

…enhances memory functioning

…helps calm an anxious or frustrated child

…helps children to focus and to feel comfortable and secure.


Make your own sensory bin at home! See if you can find some of these items in your own pantry or playroom:





…kinetic sand

…shaving cream


…baking soda

…chick peas

…corn kernels

…dry mashed potatoes




You can use measuring cups, funnels, medicine droppers, sponges, cookie cutters and magnifying glasses for scooping, pouring, soaking, shaping and magnifying anything inside your bin!  



Now try collecting some small toys or items your child loves, place them in the bottom before adding your filler: matchbox cars and little figures like Shopkins or Littlest Petshop. 


Take pictures of your homemade bins and share them with the class!


I’m looking forward to seeing you all in our Zoom meeting this week!


Holding you all in love and light,

Tr. Jill

Hello Friends!


Many of you have probably reached a point that you and your children are missing family, friends, and getting out to your usual weekly activities. If you have not checked your email from T. Mimi on school closures, please do so. It looks like we have a good few weeks ahead of ourselves of social distancing. I will continue to be available through FaceTime calls each week with a new topic. This week my daughters have been selecting children’s books that they would like read aloud to our little Ladybugs. Please email me to schedule a time!

Now more than ever is such an important time to talk about schedules and routines. Last week I touched base on including your child in daily routines around the house. This week I will talk about the importance of keeping a regular schedule and routine.

Why are schedules and routines so important? Sticking with a routine during challenging times helps to make children feel safe and to know what to expect. Routines teach and create boundaries. Keeping a regular schedule influences a child’s emotional, cognitive and social development. It helps children to feel secure and to understand expectations. Schedules and routines can bond a family together, help create a calmer household and establish healthy constructive habits.


While creating your schedule and routine for the upcoming weeks, allow for flexibility and to choose activities based on your child and families interests.


One routine that is consistent in our daily schedule at school is our Morning Meeting. The children look forward to this. This can easily be recreated at home. Here is the routine:

-We start  with deep breaths, each child chooses a yoga pose that we imitate.
-We greet everyone with a hand shake “ Good morning friend!”
-Helping Hands are assigned. These jobs include the meteorologist, Gardner, and calendar helper. These jobs can be recreated at home by having your child look out the window and tell you what the weather looks like. Allow them to water a plant. Talk about the day of the week, the month and count how many days have been in the month so far. Ask your child if they can remember the days of the week and months of the year song.
-Meeting ends with a book and a discussion about the topic of the day. Some topics you could begin to discuss are Spring, farm animals, growing plants and vegetables. ( I will send activities for these topics later this week).

Some activities and resources to look up and try at home this week:



You Tube:
Tree House Yoga for Children
Farm Fun with Farmer Katie Daily Video Series

Perfect Preschool Plans
The Workspace for Children

Please refer back to some of last weeks resources as well. There are an endless amount of resources out there to keep our kids busy while providing learning opportunities.

Work from home tip:
Make a sign or hand signal that means you are Open or Closed
Keep some crayons and paper near you and a basket of toys to hand your child if they approach you while working

Please let your Ladybugs know that I love and miss them!

Holding you all in love and light,
Tr. Jill

Good morning Friends!

I hope this email finds you all healthy and well!


Over the next few weeks I will send some emails with ideas and activities for you to try at home. Please remember that not everyone is a teacher! It is ok to just play with your child, do not stress over academics and “school work”. Children learn through play, that is “their work”. This week I would like to focus on family time and routines. We are all so busy today that it can often be difficult to find quality family time. Id like to challenge you all to slow things down at home this week and encourage your child to be an active participant in your daily routines. Spending time together as a family can be such a wonderful learning opportunity. Time together builds self-esteem, strengthens family bonds, develops positive behavior, encourages communication and can help your child’s academic performance. Studies show that spending time together as a family can have a positive impact on mental/emotional health and physical health!
Some suggestions for this week:

-Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure ( YouTube)
        We begin our Morning Meetings with yoga. I love Cosmic Kids yoga because you can choose your adventure. You can do it anywhere and get some exercise in even if it’s raining outside!

       Loading and unloading dishwasher OR set up a bowl or bin with soapy water and play dishes. Let your child scrub the dishes while getting some sensory play.

       Encourage your child to dress themselves, put their coat on themselves and get undressed for bath time. Leave some pretend play clothes out for pretend play and encourage them to do it on their own.

       Count everything! How many of you are at the table? How many bowls do you need? How many steps do you walk up going upstairs? If someone leaves the room, how many of you are left?

     Reading aloud to kids has clear cognitive benefits. It strengthens the part of the brain associated with visual imagery, story comprehension and word meaning. It creates greater phonemic awareness and also builds a vocabulary to help children express challenging emotions.


Here are some online options if you need to get some work done:
STORYLINE ONLINE ( have a celebrity read their favorite children’s book)
PETE THE CAT (we love listening to Pete the Cat in our classroom)

Establishing a routine while you are at home and encouraging your child to participate will help build their confidence and independence.

For more ideas and activities check out:
Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems 
LittleWonderkin  (our fellow mom Cate Liguori is posting 10 days of fun sensory/science/art activities that are easy to do at home!)

In Friendship,
Tr. Jill