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Hi friends,

Summer is almost here, and we are going to celebrate our last week of school with a fun Beach Days theme :)


Here are 3 of my favorite beach books:

Spot Goes To The Beach by Eric Hill


Mr. Little's Noisy Boat by Richard Fowler


There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Shell! by Lucille Colandro


And when I think of the beach, I think of Mermaids!

Lovely Ruby and the Mermaid and Mermaid Craft  book by Nancy Trott, instructions from Tr. Kim

Make your own mermaid whirligig :)

Here are more instructions on this website:

 https://www.redtedart.com/paper-plate-mermaid-twirler/ There is a printable template


And I love treasure maps and pirate stories!

How I Became a Pirate and Pirate Craft book by Melinda Long, instructions from Tr. Kim

Make your own paper bag pirate puppet!

Here are more instructions on this website:



 Thank you for a fantastic year with your children. They are each such unique and amazing people. It has been a tremendous honor to teach them and share this magical first year of school with them. They have all had a great time and made wonderful memories together. I wish each child continued success, and everyone a fabulous summer!

In friendship,

Tr. Kim


Hello friends,


There are more wonderful creatures that live in the ocean. This week we learn about two of them: seahorses and sea turtles! And you can even make your own seahorse and sea turtle :) I also have two more fun ocean creature books to read to you.


Some great seahorse videos:

I'm a Seahorse 

Octonauts: Creature Reports-Seahorse

Facts: The Seahorse

Mr. Seahorse by Eric Carle


And how you can make a seahorse:

Seahorse Craft, and see the attached template


Some great sea turtle videos:

Sea Turtles

Sea Turtle by the Whizpops!

Tooty ta Sea Turtle

And make your own sea turtle:

Sea Turtle Craft. and see the attached template


And another fun under the sea song:

Move Like Sea Animals


And here are two stories I want to read to you :)



Have fun!


In friendship,


Tr. Kim Prann


Hi friends,


Let's take a look at what we might see in the ocean! There are so many cool creatures living there, so we will take this week and next week to explore under the sea. First up, I have some favorite books to share with you:


And here are a couple of fun art projects for you: Rainbow Fish Craft


You could also use construction paper or any colored paper for scales, if you don't have tissue paper. See template photo attached


Shark Craft  See template photo attached


And here are some other fun videos:

Do Sharks Ever Sleep?

Octonauts- Who Loves Sharks? A little long, but fun

Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea by Jan Peck

Animals in the Ocean Song


And a few fun coloring pages, too! Enjoy :)


Remember, we have our Zoom Art Show on Wed., May 20!

Hello friends,


I hope all of you wonderful moms had a terrific Mother's Day.


This week we'll have fun with the color BLUE! It is the last color of our school year because it makes me think of the ocean and the beach, but we will talk about those in the next few weeks :) For blue, I have three great books I want to read to you:




Little Blue and Little Yellow


The Color Monster

 Also, see the Color Monster coloring page attached. I sent it back in March, but here it is again, to go with the book :)


Also, some of my favorite monsters are blue-Cookie Monster and Grover!

Learn how to make a Cookie Monster  portrait craft, and enjoy these great videos, too:

The Monster at the End of This Book

Fuzzy and Blue

Me Gotta Be Blue

Furry Blue Mommy of Mine


Cookie Monster Portrait


And here are a couple of blue songs:

Blue Song

The Sky is Blue Song


Lastly, for more blue fun, I have attached some photos of blue bird crafts you could try. I know several of you have baby birds hatching in nests near your houses. You can use your handprint and fingerprints to make a nest with baby birds inside. Or trace your hands and a foot to make a blue bird. Have fun! And check it out - some birds lay blue eggs! See the Robin's eggs photo - so pretty :) 


And if you missed the latest book Michelle Obama read, here is the link. See if you see the blue bird in the story :)

Miss Maple's Seeds


Hi friends!


It's time to learn about insects! One that you already know about is the butterfly, but there are many, many more :) 


Take a look at some cool insects in my bug box-


And this is a fun story about a firefly (with a surprise at the end):

The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle


And I have a video that shows you how to make your own bugs with your fingerprints. Maybe make one into a Mother's Day card, "from your Love Bug!" I have also included some photos and a document so that you can print out some jars to fill with your fingerprint bugs!


And here are links to other fun videos:

Elmo sings Little Butterfly Friend (Love this)

Bug Song

10 Interesting Insects

All About Insects (longer and more detailed video, but interesting)


And Mother's Day is coming up! While you have paint out to make bugs, do some handprints on the Mother's Day poem attached. There's also a photo to show you what a cute keepsake this is. Wish we could have made them at school as a surprise.


I have two fun Mother's Day books to read for you:

Is Your Mama a Llama? by Deborah Guarino



Are You My Mother? by P.D.Eastman


And just for fun, here are two links to hear books read by Michelle Obama and Glennon Doyle:

Michelle Obama reads There's a Dragon in Your Book by Tom Fletcher

Glennon Doyle reads Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown (the video is long...but story starts around 4:10 )


Lastly, I've attached two recent photos of my pond pets. "Hello" from my frogs:)

f f


Miss you!


And I encourage you to look at all the great stuff on the other Goshen Friends teachers' pages on our school website. Please "like" our school on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram :)



In friendship,


Tr. Kim


Hello friends,


We've been learning about caterpillars, and now it's time to celebrate them turning into BUTTERFLIES!

I have another fun book to read to you, Waiting for Wings by Lois Elhert:


And I have two videos for you, to show you how to make pretty butterflies-


This one is made in two layers and can be clipped on:


This one is larger, and you can "magically" make the wings match!


And this is a fun little movie about our friend, the hungry caterpillar, that turns into a beautiful butterfly:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Movie


Enjoy this fun butterfly song:

Butterfly Song


I am also attaching photos of a butterfly snack bag, the butterfly posters I have at school, and a link to some pretzel butterflies you can make if you are feeling VERY creative :)

Pretzel Butterflies


And if you'd like to play a game, use the document attached to print out, then cut out 4 butterflies. Have a grown-up hide them in your house or yard, and go on a hunt to find them!


Lastly, here's a fun book about our friend Ping-Ping Panda (and some butterflies!)




Hello friends,


I have so much fun stuff to share with you this week! 


First up, I hope you have signed up for a time to pick up your bag of crafts at school. An email from school went out on April 16. It includes a sign up for bag pick up times. Some of your finished art projects are inside, but there are also materials for making so many fun things:)


Secondly, Earth Day is this Wednesday. I have a fun book to read to you!


Here's a link to another Earth Day project:

Earth Day Painting Project


...and a frog project (see materials in your take home bag.)


Also, I'm including a few new photos of the frogs in my pond :)





And now it's time to learn about caterpillars! They are so very cool. They also start out as EGGS! They change a lot on the way to growing up. They end up as amazing butterflies. Let's explore that!




You can even try making some caterpillar snacks! See photos attached.


Lastly, you might be ready for someone else to read to you :) Tr. Lauren has a story for you that she will share during our Zoom meeting this week. Invites will be coming soon.


In friendship,


Tr. Kim Prann


Goshen Friends School


Hi friends,

It's time to celebrate the color PURPLE!


Yesterday I sent out the link to our upcoming Zoom meeting. We will play a purple mystery bag guessing game together. If you have any purple clothes, please wear them to our meeting to show all of your friends :)


Also, I have two fun books share with you:





Try to do some fun PURPLE activities:


Go for a hunt around your house and in your yard and find purple things!


Play "I Spy" with the color purple


Put some shaving cream in a plastic zip bag. add a few drops of red and blue food coloring, apart from each other. Zip up the bag and squish it around :) 

Tada! Purple! Put the purple shaving cream on a cookie sheet and play/ draw in it. Practice letters and numbers.


Find a purple crayon and draw an adventure like Harold :)


Have a Purple snack. Use a purple napkin, or draw with a purple crayon or marker on a white one. Eggplant and red cabbage are purple foods, but not very popular with kids. Perhaps grapes or grape juice? My favorite to share with the kiddos at snack time on Purple Day at school is Turkey Hill Red Raspberry Ice Cream!



It is delicious. They all love it, and it is a beautiful  purple color!



Have fun with PURPLE!



I am attaching some photos in case you would like to color an egg, or make a  pretty construction paper egg. Just cut out some stripes and polka dots in a variety of colors. (Check the Week of April 6 Attachments tab below.)


Have your child arrange them and glue them on. After the glue dries, just trim off any excess :) 

The frogs pics are of my fun backyard pond friends! 


I'm also attaching some photos of bunny crafts you can make. Maybe make some ears to wear :) I've drawn a quick template for you. Or make a bunny using 2 paper plates. And here are coloring pages so that you can choose which body you want to use with the bunny head. Have fun!


As promised, here is how to make your own Ping Ping Weather Panda to dress at home-

The little video explains everything. Use the photos attached to cut out clothes and accessories. 

If you don't have wide clear tape to 'faux laminate' Ping Ping and his clothes, you can just Scotch tape over the spots on the panda where velcro shows to create a little laminated area, and match the tape on the back of the clothes to rest on those spots on Ping Ping- that way, you can reuse the clothes :)

This is a fun book about different kinds of eggs! Enjoy :)


Hi Friends,

 Last week we were learning about frogs, creatures that start out as eggs. But there are other critters that also come from eggs. This week we will learn about some of them, and I'm attaching a fun coloring page :)


I also want to share a fun book with you:


I made a baby chick in an egg, but you can make another baby animal that hatches from an egg. Maybe a turtle, an alligator or a dinosaur! 


Also, greetings from Dorothy, our class pet goldfish. She says hello!


Lastly, parents, these are some other fun baby chick crafts you can try!


I miss you all! 





Wanted to share some links for fun stuff:


https://primaryplayground.net/scavenger-hunts/  Saw this on my Facebook feed, and it looked fun :) 


https://www.elmwoodparkzoo.org/epzoo2u/  Fun videos and activities from Elmwood Zoo


https://fromabcstoacts.com/  Good stuff, plus a list of free educational websites for kids


https://www.facebook.com/211126532383919/posts/1480028995493660/?d=n  Chalk Art 


And Greetings from Dorothy. She is living with me at home while we are not in school. She misses the kiddos, too :) 




In friendship,


Tr. Kim Prann


At school, we would have just started lessons about FROGS. This is the beginning of our unit on creatures that come from eggs. 


There are a couple of videos attached that explain the life cycle:- egg-tadpole-froglet-frog


There is also a video of the 5 Green and Specked Frogs song that I would have taught the class. Hopefully, we will be able to sing this together soon, but in the meantime, you can learn it at home :)

Frog Life Cycle video/ song 

Frog video 

Frog song 


Miss you all! Parents- please hug your kiddos for me. 

Below are some coloring pages of -- what else -- Froggies and Owls!