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Tr. Lauren Gannett, BUTTERFLIES     
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Good Evening Friends & Families! 


This week marks the end of distance learning as we finish off the school year! I wanted to Thank You all so much for your support and helpfulness at home as I ventured this new way of teaching. It was certainly not the way I thought we would end the school year, but I'm grateful we were still able to see each other each week! I miss everyone so much and I'm looking forward to when we can all be together again sometime this summer.  Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns you may have over the summer months- I'd be glad to help in any way I can! I hope to see everyone next Monday at 10 AM for the Farewell School, Hello Summer Parade! 


This week you should have scheduled to pick-up your bags & End of the Year goodies!


In your bag you will find supplies for a Seahorse Craft...


The Seahorse Craft goes along with the book, Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle.


You will also find supplies for this Jellyfish Craft!


I hope you had as much fun with our Ocean theme as I did. Here is virtual field trip to the Aquarium


A BIG thanks to Tr. Patty who prepared our International Week Parrot Craft for everyone! 


Later this month we will celebrate Father's Day! Here is a fun craft to make for Dad, Grandad, an Uncle or the special person in your life!


Each and every Butterfly will fly high in Kindergarten with their own beautiful wings! I'm so proud of them! Here are some things you can continue to do over the summer to enhance the simple skills we learned this year.


*Scissor Skills. Make it fun! Even if it's a little each week. This is something they'll do a lot in Kindergarten! 
*Be sure to point to the words moving left to right when teaching or reading books to your child. 
*Independence & Responsibility. In school the boys and girls were very used to coming into the classroom and hanging up their belongings along with packing their things at the end of the day. Continue to encourage this at home. Again, you should make it fun for them! Maybe 2 little jobs in the morning and 2 little jobs at night. It will boost their confidence and help them gain some age-appropriate responsibilities.
*For any parent who would like to continue the Fundations Uppercase letters, please let me know. I would love to compile a video of the remaining letters for anyone interested in working on them during the summer. Keep in mind this is not a mastery program, as the students will be doing letter formation again in Fundations K Level.

We love these workbooks!
Brain Quest 

Summer Solutions

https://everyday-reading.com/summer-activities/- I have already printed the summer reading chart out for our house!

Great Read 


Have a wonderful week and I'll see everyone early next week!

Tr. Lauren & Tr. Patty


Good Morning!


I hope everyone enjoyed the long holiday weekend. I'm looking forward to some warm sunny days coming our way. It was great seeing you all at our virtual Art Show. Although we weren't able to show our families the art in person, it was nice to hear more about the art pieces from the artist themselves! Thank you for sharing!


Here are some fun things you can work on this week as we continue our Ocean theme.


I made this really fun Ocean Sensory Bin using water, dish soap, and blue liquid watercolors. (Blue food-dye will work too).

We filled it with SHELLS, but you can fill your "ocean" with anything fun. I love a water-filled sensory bin on a warm sunny day!


Listen to Commotion in the Ocean to learn about all the different Ocean Animals that live under the sea.



These Crab and Fish crafts below are simple and don't require many supplies. Give them a try at home!


Here are the next Fundations letters you can try at home:


Be sure to go at your own pace and use your Fundations worksheet to help guide your writing. Keep up with good work!


Do you have Magnetics or Magna Tiles at home? If so, see if you can do this simple design challenge!


Have a wonderful week,

Tr. Lauren and Tr. Patty

Good Morning Butterflies! 


I hope you all had a great weekend! We have a fun filled week planned for everyone! Don't forget this Thursday is our virtual Art Show! See you there at 6 PM! 


Thank you for sharing your wonderful OCEAN themed crafts with me! You're doing a fantastic job at home! Here are some more fun Ocean activities and crafts you can do this week-

Using this fish template you can create this really fun crayon design Fish! 


I love making beautiful suncatchers and only need a few supplies from home. Using these Ocean animal patterns create an Ocean Animal Silhouette suncatcher!


You can also use the same patterns as a cutting activity each day! This Pufferfish Craft came out really cute. Give it a try at home using a spike ball to paint with!


Join me for one of my favorite books, The Pout Pout Fish to learn how the smallest act of kindness can make a big difference!


Use this Starfish Tracer to make a fun Starfish Snack! 

Be sure to save some cheerios to enjoy for yourself!


I loved watching Tr. Jaime make this "Ocean in a Bottle" and can't wait to give it a try! 


Stay tuned for the next 4 Uppercase Letter videos that I'll be sending in my next email later in the week! Kindergarten is only a few months away!!!


Be sure to practice working with your scissors and printing your name each day. Do you know your home address? Here you can customize and color your home. Be sure to practice with a parent. Simple facts like home address, phone number, your birthday and your last name are a few of the important things your child should know before Kindergarten! I can hardly believe we are in the final few weeks of school! 


Missing everyone so much,

Tr. Lauren & Tr. Patty 



Good Morning! 


I hope everyone got a chance to check out some Ocean themed activities and crafts! Next, we will start the Uppercase letters. I will send 4 letters a week. As always, you and your child can go at your own pace. This is something you can practice over the summer months to prepare for Kindergarten! You can use this to help guide you!






Here is a fun Sensory Bin that is perfect for letter practicing!


Also, if you're looking for a fantastic Spanish lesson- Check out our very own Tr. Maria Elena teaching us all about the FARM!

Have a great day!




Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend celebrating our amazing Moms! A BIG thank you for the sweetest messages on Friday's zoom call. Your sweet posters and drawings made my day so happy and bright! 


Our next theme will be OCEAN! We will be learning all about the amazing animals who live in the Sea over the next few weeks. I plan to send craft materials home for this theme to go into our final May bag pick-up as well!


Listen to A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle.

This book teaches us the importance of friendship along with the beauty that lives Under the Sea! 


Hermit Crab Craft 

For this craft I used red paint to paint my hand for the "crab's body". I then traced a circle to cut out and then drew spiral lines inside for its shell. Next, I used some colorful paint and a sponge to decorate my shell. Finally, I attached the two and added eyes!


This healthy  Hermit Crab Snack! is too cute to go along with our story! 


Have fun with this Spiky Sea Urchin creation using toothpicks & small playdough balls! 


We had so much fun making these Shimmery Seashells! 

We traced a seashell along with glitter! You can use anything you have to make beautiful shells! 


Print  some fun cutting and coloring practice worksheets for daily practice at home to go with our theme! 



We have completed learning how to write all of our lower case letters. Starting this week we will begin our Uppercase letters. We will focus on 4 letters each week, but you may move at your own pace using my videos.Stay tuned! Please let me know if you have any questions!


Mystery Reader:

Parents, I can not thank you enough for all of your efforts in making our Mystery Reader via Zoom successful for all! It's such a nice time to connect through storytime! Here are the clues for this week's Mystery Reader:

- My middle name is a holiday.
- I have two kids.
- My Butterfly and I have the same color blue eyes.
- I love to go to the beach.
- I have blonde hair.

As always, be sure to share the clues with your children before we meet on Friday. I'll send our zoom info later in the week! 


Have a great week!

Tr. Lauren & Tr. Patty


Good Morning Friends!


I hope everyone is having fun with our Seed & Plants theme.

Watch the Seed Investigation I did using fruit from my kitchen. I'm challenging everyone to give it a try at home!


This weekend we will celebrate Mom! Please find some time for you & your Mom to cuddle up and listen to this great book!


After reading of all the ways our mamas are MAGICAL, find someone to help you SURPRISE her with this special craft------->



Tr. Lauren & Tr. Patty




Happy May Friends & Families!


This week's theme will be Seeds & Planting! 

Check out this fun Garden Sensory Bin I used with some things I had at home!



Using our number and counting skills, help me find the numbers hidden in the dirt to match the correct number of flower petals! You can use different counters at home with these Flower Petal counting  worksheets! 


Be sure to listen to The Tiny Seed book and grab your supplies to complete the The Tiny Seed Craft that was sent home in your brown bags!



Let's learn about the Life Cycle of a Plant followed by another story!


Do you see a lot of Dandelion's where you live? Here are the different stages of a Dandelion Flower.

Now watch us make a fun Dandelion Craft! 


You'll need just a few supplies from home to join along! Here are some other ways we need to take care of Plants! 


We were really looking forward to today's Friends Day & the Spring Concert. Remember our favorite spring song we were planning to sing? Let's Sing it at home to honor the day the best we can! On Friday, when we meet for Mystery Reader, we can sing it together as a class! 


You should have all received an email to create an Epic account with our class friends. This is optional and is not mandatory to sign your child up. Epic is an online children's book service. I will assign a book for the students to read that will go along with what we are learning. They have wonderful Early Reader choices that I will also be adding and you can find them under "assignments". It's simply another way to encourage reading since we aren't able to get to the Library!


Have a great week!

Tr. Lauren and Tr. Patty


Happy Thursday Everyone!


Yesterday we released our beautiful Butterflies! Take a look at them using their wings to fly!


Next, to celebrate our Caterpillars turning into Butterflies, it's time to make our "smooshed Butterfly" craft:

Thanks for joining along with us and I hope you had a fun experience with our Butterfly Life Cycle project through our E- learning!


How have your Farm Themed activities and crafts been going? I wanted to share with you a fun Farm Sensory Bin I did at home!


Last, did you see Tr. Jaime giving a tour of Tr. MJ's Chicken Coop! Thanks for sharing Tr. Jaime & Tr. MJ!  



Tr. Lauren & Tr. Patty




Good Morning Parents & Friends,


I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Hoping these April showers bring on some May flowers! This week is our Farm Theme. Everyone should have gotten a Farm Packet filled with fun activities and crafts.


Find a cozy place to listen to I Spy on the Farm 


After the book you can help me with this Farm Animal Mix-up!  



Here are more directions for the crafts that go along with our theme!


Cutting activity


There's also a Lamb craft that Tr. Patty put together along with directions! Be sure to space these out throughout the week along with the fun farm-themed worksheets and daily name and scissor practice. I did this with bugs, but this would be equally fun with farm animals figurines too! I was really looking forward to our Milky Way Farm trip. I hope some of these Farm Life videos bring some smiles to everyone. We love Baily's Dairy Farm and can't wait to go back there soon! 


This week we have our last two lower case letters that we will learn to write. I'm proud of all the work we did in the classroom and hope you're continuing to practice at home!

Don't forget to practice your letters and sounds!


Parents be sure to let me know if you have any questions with my letter videos, directions, or concerns. 


Don't forget to send us your Butterflies Design Challenge pictures and videos.

Check out what Tr. Patty has been up to! 

Are you up for the challenge? 


A big thanks to Alex's mom for being our Mystery Reader on Friday. We all had so much fun! Here are this weeks Mystery Reader clues:

* I have two kids
* My child in the Butterflies class had a sparkly backpack
* Our family has 2 pets
* My child in the Butterflies class has blond hair and love to play tag
* I love to drink coffee every morning 


One last surprise! Look what happened in our caterpillar habitat over the weekend! 


Have a great week! 

Big hugs xo Tr. Lauren & Tr. Patty


Good Morning! 


I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. A big THANKS to Tr. Karen for kicking off our first zoom Mystery Reader! A lot of our friends guessed it would be her, nice job! I wonder who this week's mystery reader will be? Share a clue each day with your child!


Here's what we know about the reader...

*I have one son and one daughter
*I have blue eyes and long wavy hair
*If you've seen me in carline, I drive a black car
*I love to give others awesome hairstyles
*Another mom in the Butterflies class has the same name as me!

** Parents, please let me know if you're having trouble logging onto our zoom meetings. They have been going really well and I love having "special guests" to say hello!




This week we will celebrate Earth Day! Try this earth day craft with very few supplies from home.

If you don't have coffee filters, you can do it on a paper towel! 


If you're up for a fun experiment, you will love this!

I used a cup of milk, dish soap, Q-tips and blue & green food dye! 


Can you think of some ways we can continue to make our Earth a better place? Join me for a story as we learn about Trina the Trash Stopper and her important mission! 


Some earth day coloring pages:

10 ways to take care of the earth! 






Learn to write letter y! Be sure to practice for a couple of days before moving onto the next letter


Learn to write letter x! Be sure to practice for a couple of days before moving onto the next letter


Check out the Spring Insect sensory bin we made!


I used black beans, plastic bugs, and other fun gardening tools!


Speaking of insects, have you looked at our caterpillars! They've been transferred into their habitat so they'll have room to fly!


Try this fun yoga activity and fun music activity!


Don't forget to sign-up for your child's bag pick-up later this week. The bags are filled with things they left behind at school,along with lots of other great activities and crafts! I'll send more info regarding each craft as we go along into the next theme. 


Sending warm hugs for a great week!



Good Morning Friends and Parents! 


I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know how sad I am to hear that all PA schools will be closed for the remainder of the year. I was looking forward to the fun activities and events we had planned this Spring that would lead to the end of the year. I know how special these last months in PreK meant to everyone. I promise to make it memorable and I'm confident that as we continue our distance learning together, my butterflies will have the wings to fly off to Kindergarten this Fall. 


Next week, each child will be getting their distance learning bag that we have been filling with fun crafts to go along with our weekly themes. Please make sure to contact me if you have any questions, but the crafts will have supplies and instructions which will make craft time a bit easier!


Here's what we will be working on this week:


We will be working on writing!

First the Letter V...


...and then the Letter W.


Make sure to try and write these on the Fundations writing paper!


Here's a really fun muddy bugs sensory table we did.

I used bugs in my muddy sensory bin, but if you have farm animals (next week's theme) or any other type of plastic figurines, that will work too! I used https://www.littlewonderkin.com/10-projects Dirty Animals recipe!


Check out what's happening with our caterpillar friends.

Draw or paint a picture of what you think will happen to the caterpillars in the coming days. Stay-tuned for my favorite caterpillar read-aloud coming this week. Some fun butterfly facts and activities to print-out.


A Zoom call will be scheduled for Friday morning. I'll be sending a link to that this week!


Parents, remember structure is important, but try to keep it basic for their little minds. I find that doing some school work in the morning will allow them to enjoy the rest of the day, but take breaks when needed. We're in this together and I'm here to help with any questions or concerns.


Missing my friends and their families! 

~ Tr. Lauren


Good Morning! 


This week we will make a mosaic easter egg craft:


Check out this easy CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) activity to try at home:


Did you guess what fuzzy friends came to visit me? If you guessed Caterpillars - you were right!  I can't wait to bring you along as we watch them grow and transform into beautiful butterflies! 

butterfly life cycle


Enjoy these fun Easter print-out activities!  

egg tracing Easter fun Easter Math Easter Math 

and if you have supplies for these pretty eggs- we plan to try and make them over the break

Egg Craft 


Happy Easter 

Hugs ~ Tr. Lauren 


Good morning! 


Here is a fun experiment to do along with some coloring and cutting pages! 

How Do Clouds Make Rain?






Try cutting out the raindrops!



And here's the perfect song, our FAVORITE, to play when you're coloring! Make sure to sing-a-long!



Next week we will meet some new friends! 

Here are some clues:

1) they are fuzzy insects. 

2) they move very slow. 

3) once they have eaten enough, they curl up for a long nap.

Any guesses?


Have a great weekend! 

Tr. Lauren & Tr. Patty




Good morning Parents & Friends,

Enjoy this little slide show of all of our friends having some winter fun at school. Be sure to tell everyone at home about all of the fun activities we were doing in the pictures. I hope we can make some more memories together soon :)

This week we will focus on letter l and h&k (together).  On top of letter writing practice, please be sure your child is practicing name writing and cutting daily! I'm currently working on a way we can communicate better and keep everything I send (letter writing, crafts, read alouds) together. 



Today I will be sharing links for a nature scavenger hunt writing activity along with a read-with-me and a cherry blossom tree craft. You can complete this throughout the week. 





Remember how important daily quiet reading is and getting outside for some fresh air! I miss you all SO much and will be scheduling a zoom call this week! Stay-tuned! 


Have a great day xo Tr. Lauren


I have two busy bees at home that loved doing a spring craft with little supplies for them to do at home as we were going to introduce spring!






Hello All,


As you all know, school will be closed in order to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. I understand the confusion and stress this is causing to our families and communities, but plan to be in contact with everyone during this time. I'll send writing/ letter printables along with ideas to help your child during their time at home.


I found this and wanted to share...


 READING is a great way to stay connected!  We practice 10 minutes of quiet reading in school each day. Even if your child is making up their own words by connecting pictures to the book- it counts! 

 Playing games with cards, dice, or money allows your kids to practice math facts without realizing it!

 Puzzles, LEGOS, blocks, tangrams, pick-up sticks, yo-yos, art supplies- some alternatives to the iPAD if you're looking for them. 

        (Our family loves ZINGO 1-2-3 along with Memory and Matching- I never forget a face!)

Encourage children to help you cook and clean or any other "special helper" jobs around the house!

And we've learned that a few weeks or even a couple of months will not cause a big decline in skills. It's ok to focus on play and family togetherness. 


Wishing safety and health to each and everyone,

Tr. Lauren



For some of my friends who love to draw, Check this link out! We love following along at home! 


Please follow along with my favorite local Mom ( a GFS mom too!)  as she shares some great daily activities.


Here is our Fundations Alphabet. The children enjoy playing "school" with each other using the one we have in class. They can also show you how well they know their letters & sounds!


Our favorite virtual library! The first month is free!