About Our Curriculum


Goshen Friends School's Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten program offers 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-day options for children ranging in age from 2.7 to 5. (We also offer a By My Side program for toddlers and their caregivers; learn more about that program by clicking here.)

The curriculum for Goshen Friends School is designed to be a continuous spiral that builds upon and speaks to the developmental stages of each child. We approach learning on an individual basis, assessing each child's strengths and needs and moving him or her forward in challenging yet supportive ways.

Preschool has several basic goals for children: to practice social skills through play; to develop large motor coordination through music, movement, and outdoor play; and to begin the skills for academic success through small motor tasks such as playing with play-dough and texture tables; mastering scissors, crayons, and pencils; and embarking on puzzle work, letter recognition/writing, and basic counting. These are achieved through a variety of eye-hand tasks and art projects.

Early academics are paramount at Goshen Friends School. Along with the enrichment of Spanish, music, art, and outdoor education, students receive a wealth of hands-on experiences. Children's exposure to early language arts, early mathematics, science, and social studies grows as they progress to the Pre-Kindergarten program.

Few may realize that riding a tricycle, skipping, running, and climbing are precursors to reading, writing, and counting. Outdoor play is also a constant in our children's lives throughout their schooling here. Our 10+ acres are not only our playground but are also our art studio and laboratory for nature and science lessons.

The program is grounded in Quaker values that encourage growth by addressing every child’s interests, strengths, and needs through a developmentally appropriate and responsive curriculum. Based on the philosophy that children learn through dynamic play, students are engaged in a variety of activities designed to help them grow academically, creatively, and socially. Our experienced preschool teachers honor every child’s individual spirit, helping them to grow independently while teaching the value in friendships and teamwork.

We focus on learning in a cooperative, noncompetitive, and supportive environment. Teachers are called by their first names, encouraging students to look upon them as approachable coaches as well as teachers, allowing for the vital component of mutual respect.