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By My Side

By My Side provides a gentle introduction to preschool in a purposeful environment. Children learn to share, make friends and become more independent all with the comfort of a parent or caretaker close by. An experienced preschool teacher leads the program and encourages growth in motor skills, imagination and cooperative play. The children become comfortable with gathering in circle, cleaning up and following a routine.

Arrival: Children and their grown-ups arrive and are greeted by the teacher.

Free Play and Crafts: Children may choose from a variety of toys and activities, including a kitchen set and dress-up area, trains, building blocks, cars, animals, play dough, dolls and more. Other options include painting or drawing, building with manipulatives, and a guided event or seasonal craft to take home.

Music with Tr. Chris: Children and their grown-ups gather in circle for a sing-along, sometimes with movement, shakers and bells.

Clean-up and Circle: After a few more minutes of free place, the group puts away toys and activities, then gathers in circle for a read-aloud story. Everyone then washes hands for snack.

Snack: Snacks are provided and may include water, juice, fruit, yogurt, crackers, vegetable, cheese, and sometimes cookies! Snacks are healthy and allergen-free.

Outside Play (or indoor free play in bad weather): When weather permits, the group walks to our fenced preschool playground where they can swing, climb, slide, teeter, play in the playhouse and more. While the official ending time is 11:00, the children and their grown-ups typically linger for more free play. In the event of inclement weather, larger toys are set up in the classroom for free play.