Goshen Friends School offers 4-day-per-week and 5-day-per-week pre-k schedules for children ranging in age from 4 to 5.5 years old. Our pre-k classes are the Bumblebees (4 days), Butterflies (5 days) and Bluebirds (Combination). All 3 pre-k classes provide students with a solid foundation for kindergarten, including:

  • Jump-start morning activities for building fine motor, early math, early language arts and personal responsibility skills
  • Structured centers designed to expand interests, grow stamina, enhance creativity and encourage collaboration
  • 4 specials classes per week: art, music, outdoor education and Spanish
  • Attendance at every All School Gathering and Meeting for Worship
  • Opportunity to delve more deeply into content (for example, insects, sports and games, literature, outer space, dinosaurs)
  • Wilson Fundations for PreK, which provides daily lessons in phonemic awareness, alphabetical principles and handwriting
  • Various field trips for immersive learning through real-world experiences (some of our favorites include Highland Orchards, Springton Manor Farm, Delaware Museum of Nature and Science, and the Brandywine River Museum)

4-day Schedule: Ideal for children who benefit from a down day (Friday) at home or with family, those with spring or summer birthdays, or children who are 4 but will not turn 5 by September 1 the following year (in time for kindergarten).


5-day Schedule: Ideal for children who who have the stamina to be at school 5 days per week, those who turn 5 in the first half of the school year, or children who have already had 2 years of preschool.