Spotlight On...



...The Bears!




Our busy little Bears have been having loads of fun during these first six weeks of school! They have settled into their daily routine and are getting comfortable with each other and their teachers. Their days have been packed with lots of outdoor time, which they’ve spent both playing and exploring around campus. They love cozying up to read a fall-themed book, gathering for a yummy snack, or getting creative with fun, engaging art projects. Amidst all of the fun, the Bears are practicing their listening skills, following directions, and transitioning from one activity to another. Here’s a closer look at a day in the life of the Bears class! 



Our morning begins with free play, followed by circle time and a book. On this crisp October morning, Teacher Patrice reads the story, The Biggest Pumpkin Ever. Now everyone is in the fall spirit!




xNext up, Tr. Patrice has a fall-themed art activity planned. Each child gets a chance to decorate her very own pumpkin using paint, pom poms, glitter… and more glitter! Once the pumpkins are dry, they will be sent home with the students to show off to their families!



Back in the classroom, the fall fun continues! A group gathers around the spooky sensory table to dig through and scoop up spiders, jack-o-lanterns and googly eyes!



It’s time to hit the playground. Several of our Bear friends flock to the circle swing with Tr. Joyce, while others play hide & seek and Hungry Bear with Tr. Patrice.



All that running around on the playground sure made us hungry! Before snack time, we wash our hands, sit down with our friends and sing our blessing song. On today’s menu: apple sauce, cookies and some good conversation. During snack, Tr. Patrice reads us another fall-themed story,

Dinosaurs’ Halloween.



With full hearts and bellies, we head over to today’s specials class: art! Tr. Chris shows us how to create haunted houses using just 3 shapes: squares, rectangles, and triangles. We then use cotton balls to add ghosts, and, just for that extra

je ne sais quoi,…you guessed it, glitter!



Now that we’ve built and bedazzled our haunted houses, it’s time to head back outside for some fun on the blacktop before dismissal. Everyone grabs a car, bike, or shopping cart to play bumper cars and then race against Tr. Patrice!





Whew! What a fun, messy and glittery fall day in the Bears class! We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek of all the fall fun we’ve been having at school!